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Wednesday of the Ninth Week after Trinity

But deliver us from evil. What does this mean? We pray in this petition, in summary, that our Father in heaven would rescue us from every evil of body and soul, possessions and reputation, and finally, when our last hour comes, give us a blessed end, and graciously take us from this valley of sorrow to Himself in heaven. (Small Catechism: The Lord's Prayer, Seventh Petition)  [ read more ]

In Reflections // August 16, 2017

Higher Things Magazine - Summer 2017

We’ve been busy putting together our summer issue of Higher Things Magazine, chock full of rich theology—all woven together by the sweetness of the Gospel. Each article is undergirded by the confidence we have in the gifts God gives us through Christ Jesus—gifts that bring us forgiveness, strengthen our faith and help us love our neighbor.  [ read more ]

In News // August 15, 2017

The Seventh Commandment: You shall not steal.

The Seventh Commandment: You shall not steal.

God is the True Philanthropist, that is, the lover of humanity who generously gives gifts. Every morning God gives the gift of a new day.  [ read more ]

In Articles // August 12, 2017

Walking and Leaping and Praising God - Gospeled Boldly #55

What did the early Church look like? In this episode, Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke discover how the believers conducted themselves post-Pentecost.  [ read more ]

In Gospeled Boldly // August 10, 2017

I Believe - The Largely Catechized Life #49

Who is God? That’s a deep question. The church teaches us the answer. It’s called the creed. It tells us who God is and what we can expect from Him.  [ read more ]

In The Largely Catechized Life // August 10, 2017

Episode 78: Get Real - True Reality Found in Christ

This week, Pastor Riley and Kate discuss the reality of Christianity, founded on Christ's real sacrifice for sinners.  [ read more ]

In Simulcast // August 10, 2017

The Unjust Steward - A Meditation on Luke 16:3

Although many translations now call the fellow in this story the “dishonest” manager, the old King James is more accurate when it calls him “unjust”.  [ read more ]

In Articles // August 08, 2017

Concord #26: Prescriptive/Descriptive

The first 21 articles or topics have been about doctrine—articles of faith. What follows are several abuses that have been corrected—practical matters that were either eliminated or reformed. The Augsburg Confession itself makes this distinction.  [ read more ]

In Articles // August 07, 2017

Beware the But of the Gospel! - HT Video Short

The newest HT Video Short - Three words that change the universe still  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // August 06, 2017

Here We Stand (and Sing)

I remember the first Higher Things conference I went to in 2015- Te Deum in Las Vegas. The first time we sat in the opening Divine Service and began to sing the first hymn, I choked up and could barely sing.  [ read more ]

In Myht/articles/current Events // August 02, 2017

Behave - The Largely Catechized Life #48

The law paints a picture of Jesus. When He calls us to be holy, He also makes us that way and turns us toward our neighbor.  [ read more ]

In The Largely Catechized Life // August 01, 2017

Fruit Tree Theology - A Meditation on Matthew 7:21-23

A tree is known by it's fruit. If the tree has a bunch of apples on it, it's an apple tree. If there's a bunch of cherries, it's a cherry tree. And when Jesus tells us that a false profit will be known by our fruits, he gives this example.  [ read more ]

In Articles // August 01, 2017