Irvine: In Depth Session

God's Gift of Reason in Science and in Theology
The Rev. Dr. James Bachman
People seem to think that scientific reason and religious faith have to be at odds. But it was people of faith who were the first remarkable scientists, people like Kepler and Newton and Maxwell. In our sessions we will use the Catechism's study of the Apostles' Creed to probe the difference between reason as servant and reason as ruler. (What is "reason" anyway?!) We will study popular misunderstandings of scientific reasoning and of the Bible that lead many people to think science is incompatible with Christian faith. At the end we'll be prepared to help Christians bring light rather than heat to debates over science, intelligent design, and the Bible.
Dr. James Bachman reads, writes, and teaches about philosophy of science and the relationship between Christian faith and modern science. He is professor of philosophy and ethics at Concordia University and is an advisor on stem cell science and ethics for University of California Irvine.

C.S. Lewis: Defender of the Faith
The Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller
Well-known for the Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and other books, C.S. Lewis was one of the most important defenders of the Christian faith in recent history. This three-session workshop will look at the life and writings of C.S. Lewis and will see how he provides helpful tools to modern Christians seeking to understand, present, and defend their faith.
Dr. Steve Mueller is a professor at Concordia - Irvine, Dean of Christ College Undergraduate Studies, and author of Not a Tame God: Christ in the Writings of C.S. Lewis.

The End Times in Revelation
Professor Mark Brighton
When will the world come to an end? Does God still have a plan for the Jewish people? How is the Antichrist identified? Will Christ return visibly to earth and establish a glorious, thousand year kingdom in the middle east? This in-depth sectional will explore several key sections of Revelation to answer these questions and in doing so will also introduce some principles to properly interpret this fascinating book of the Bible.
Dr. Mark Brighton is Associate Professor of Biblical Languages at Concordia - Irvine.

Kings and Kingdoms in America? Right here? Right now?
Professor Mark Siegert
Burger King, The King of Pop, Elvis "the King" Presley, the King of Queens Ö Your world really is filled with "kings." Some of them are fakers, sometimes they're just harmless nicknames, but sometimes - like it or not - they're people, men and women, who hold authority over you. Then of course, there's Christ the King. He's reigning over His kingdom from heaven, at the right hand of God. BUT SO WHAT? What's Christ have to do with all of the right-here-right-now kings on earth? A LOT ! In this in-depth, you'll sort through some of the important Bible discussions about Christ's kingdom and learn how to talk to others about how you're actually a loyal citizen and subject of two kings. In other words, you'll start to figure out why you are IN this world, even if you are not OF this world.
Mark Siegert is the Director of the Concordia - Irvine Ethnic Pastor Certification Program.

Simil Giselle et Juno: Remaining Enchanted in a Jaded World
Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
While Giselle is so utterly convinced that she will marry the man of her dreams and experience ultimate joy in her True Love's kiss, Juno experiments one night with her "part-time lover and a full-time friend" and becomes pregnant at age 16. Both young women struggle in different ways to deal with issues way beyond their maturity levels. When we feel jaded and detached from the world around us, how can we still believe the unbelievable things of our Christian faith? Come and explore the ways these two films can help us understand what is really real in our Christian lives.
Sandra Ostapowich serves as the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO. She is also the Coordinator for the Amen conferences and secretary of the Higher Things Board of Directors.

The 180-Minute Bible: Genesis to Revelation in 3 Hours
The Rev. William Cwirla
You know Bible passages and Bible stories but do you know the whole Bible from cover to cover? This in-depth will take you on a journey through every book of the Bible in 180 minutes to give you the big picture of the Bible as a unified book of 66 books. You will learn how every book of the Bible fits into God's grand revelation of creation, redemption, and covenant all centered in Jesus Christ.
Pastor William Cwirla serves Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA, is the Vice President of the Higher Things Board of Directors, and is also the Chaplain for the Amen - Irvine Conference.

Blind Faith and Hard Facts
The Rev. Charlie Mallie
Does your faith have room for the facts or would you believe no matter what? Fact or fiction? Truth or fairy tale? See where Christianity lands in a world convinced that there's not much difference between Jesus and Peter Pan, Heaven and Never Never Land.
Pastor Charlie Mallie serves as Associate Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Tomball, TX.