Poconos: Breakaway Session C

Why Religion Matters: The Relationship between Faith and Science
The Rev. Eric Andrae
You've seen the movie "Expelled." You know the debate. But what is the appropriate relationship between faith and science? What is the job of science? What is the difference between modern science and "scientism"? What worldviews are at play in this debate and how should a Christian respond? Come learn what the job of science is and learn how science fits within the realm of faith.
The Rev. Eric Andrae serves First Trinity Lutheran Church and Luther House student center in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also serving this week as the coordinator for Christ on Campus Volunteers.

Jesus Slept Here! (And Here! And Here!): Archaeology and the New Testament
The Rev. Duane Bamsch
The land of Israel is dotted with archaeological sites and familiar biblical names. What can they teach us about biblical times, if anything? Does biblical archaeology help 'prove' Scripture? Experience the thrill of discovery, and the agony of just another bucket of dirt as Pastor Bamsch re-lives his time at Caesarea Philippi with too many photos and worthless artifacts.
Pastor Duane Bamsch serves Evangelists' Lutheran Church in Kingsbury, TX.

Youth Ministry 101 (part 1): There is No Youth Ministry
The Rev. George Borghardt & Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
Professionals. We are professionals. They say we are anyway. But is it true that you shouldn't try what we do at home? No! What's "youth ministry" anyway? Do we do it? How? How can it be done faithfully? Do you absolutely need to have guitars and drum sets? Come and learn about the fundamentals of youth ministry.
Pastor George Borghardt is the Youth/Associate Pastor at Saint Mark Lutheran Church in Conroe, TX and Sandra Ostapowich is the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Loveland, CO.

Praying Day and Night: Amen!
The Rev. Dave Dodge
Are you glad you woke up this morning? Are you hoping to be able to go to sleep tonight? Are you thankful for the great meals you'll receive at this conference (and those your Mom prepares for you every day)? Luther's suggested daily prayers give us an insight into the blessings God provides for us each day, many of which we take for granted.
Pastor Dave Dodge serves Our Savior Lutheran Church in Union City, MI.

Romans Rhetoric
Dr. Jim Tallmon
St. Paul was a Hellenist. That means he studied Greek logic and rhetoric. Understanding a little about these concepts goes a long way toward helping us follow the arguments he logically makes, from beginning to end, in the Pauline epistles. This brief analysis of Romans will help illustrate how this ancient knowledge helps unlock Pauline epistles in new ways for contemporary Christians.
Dr. Jim Tallmon serves as the Youth Director at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Winchester, VA and is Professor of Rhetoric and Director of Debate at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA.

Cutting: Healing the Ones Who Injure Themselves
The Rev. Dr. David P. Balla
Come and learn about the many ways that Jesus brings healing to those who cut themselves. You may know of or you may be part of the 1% of the highschoolers who cut themselves in an attempt to rid the inner pain of their lives. Jesus, understands the pain, even to the point of death, and He Himself is the solution.
Pastor David Balla serves Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Chicago, IL.

The Life-Giving Lectionary
Mr. Stan Lemon
Have you ever wondered why the Church has seasons? Why is the season of Trinity green? Why do we celebrate Mary's conception after Christmas and before Jesus' death? Is Advent violet or blue? Is pink really a church color? Why do we need Lent when Lutherans spent the whole the year being penitential? Come learn about life as the Church as we live together in Christ through the lectionary.
Mr. Stan Lemon serves as the Database Manager for Higher Things and is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Oakmont, PA.

"Amen," Again, and Again!
The Rev. Leonard Astrowski
Why aren't we more involved in our services? Why do we say so little - just a "Lord, have mercy," here, or an "Amen" there? The answer is found in knowing Who it is who is actually doing all the work in the Divine Service. Hint: It's not you, and it's not me. We will explore the focus of God's Divine Service for us, what we do and what we do not do, and come explore how (and why) God has always served His pople this way.
Pastor Leonard Astrowski serves Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairgrove, MI.

The Life of David
The Rev. Robert Franck
David was one of the most important people in the Old Testament. He was the second king over Israel, and one of the most prominent people in the human ancestry of our Savior Jesus Christ. David was even described as a man after God's own heart, and yet he wasn't a perfect person. He sinned gravely, but confessed and was forgiven. How much do you know of this man and his life? What can we learn from his strengths, his flaws and, most importantly, his faith?
Pastor Robert Franck serves Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN, and is the LCMS Campus Pastor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.