Poconos: In Depth Session

Proverbs: True Wisdom For Life
The Rev. David C. Fleming
Did you know that the book of Proverbs was written for young adults. In a quirky and often humorous way (An overly cheerful person is a pain!), this book marks the path of practical wisdom which ultimately points us to Christ. We'll meet the fool, the sluggard, the friend, the ideal husband and wife, and the One who is God's Word and Wisdom.
Pastor David Fleming serves Our Savior Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!
The Rev. Thomas Messer
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will come again with glory to judge the living and the dead. This glorious truth is a source of hope and joy for Christians, who wait with eager anticipation for that Day to arrive. But when will Jesus come? How will He come? For what purpose will He come? Will there be a secret rapture of the Church? A seven-year tribulation period? What about a 1,000-year earthly kingdom? Not sure how to answer all these questions? Come and learn what Holy Scripture clearly teaches about our Lord's Second Coming, so that you may understand why the Christian Church prays, "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"
Pastor Thomas Messer serves Peace Lutheran Church in Alma, MI.

Would the Real Gospel Please Stand Up!
The Rev. James Gier
Why are Christians so divided? What is it all about? Do we all believe the same teachings about Jesus? Are we all teaching and believing the same Gospel? If not, does it really matter? Will all Christians go to heaven? Hear why so many Christians live in doubt of their salvation and how you can help them. In this in-depth study we will look at the Gospel through the lenses of Calvinism, Arminianism, Romanism, and Lutheranism.
Pastor James Gier serves Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Baptized Into Christ: His Story...Is My History.
The Rev. L. Jay Reinke
Can you travel back in time? No. Can God take you back in time? No problem! This in-depth study will highlight why Baptism is a "this-really-is-God-at-work" event. Highlights: Events that define our Baptism into Christ; why we baptize babies, even though they can't know or speak their own name; connections between Baptism and the Old Testament; and our perpetual dictionary problem that keeps us from hearing and rejoicing in what God says about our Baptism into Christ. We will set out to explore Baptism, but end up discovering...Christ!
Pastor Jay Reinke serves Concordia Lutheran Church in Williston, ND; Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grassy Butte, ND; and Trinity Lutheran Church in Plentywood, MT.

Art...for God's Sake
The Rev. Kurt Onken
"Art for Art's Sake" was the predominant philosophy of art in the last century. Art was created not to uphold any higher virtues, and sometimes was even meant to undermine the values of society. But it was not always this way over the centuries. For those interested in the visual arts, we will consider how to use and hone their artistic talents in service to God and the Church. Come and learn about the role that art plays in service to God and the Church.
Pastor Kurt Onken serves Messiah Lutheran Church in Marysville, Washington.

Honoring God in Your Work: Making Vocational Decisions
The Rev. Gifford A. Grobien
What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you concerned about making upcoming life decisions? Or do you already have a good idea of what kind of career you want to pursue, but are still wondering how best to honor God in this work? Together, we will learn about about occupational and vocational discernment, how to develop the gifts God has given you, understanding one's vocation as a family member and someone working in an occupation, and reflecting on how specifically to serve God in your vocation.
Pastor Gifford Grobien serves Emmaus Lutheran Church in South Bend, IN.

Finding Jesus in ALL the wrong places!
Mr. Stan Lemon
Take a look at Jesus in the parables and you might not find Him where you expect. Jesus throws a lot of curve balls in these heavenly stories with earthly meanings. Further investigation will find the Gospel in our Lord's least-ness, last-ness and lost-ness.
Mr. Stan Lemon serves as the Database Manager for Higher Things and is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Oakmont, PA.

Gnot the Gospel: Judas, Thomas, and other Gnostic Gospels
The Rev. David Kind
You've heard the hype, now hear the truth about the Gospel of Judas and other writings that didn't make it into the New Testament. Discover the real reasons why these texts were rejected by the Early Church and learn about the strange sect that wrote them. And we'll actually read some of the weird and wild stuff in the Gospels of Judas, Thomas and Mary Magdalene!
Pastor David Kind serves University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis, MN and is the Chaplain for the Amen - Poconos Conference..

Simil Giselle et Juno: Remaining Enchanted in a Jaded World
Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
While Giselle is so utterly convinced that she will marry the man of her dreams and experience ultimate joy in her True Love's kiss, Juno experiments one night with her "part-time lover and a full-time friend" and becomes pregnant at age 16. Both young women struggle in different ways to deal with issues way beyond their maturity levels. When we feel jaded and detached from the world around us, how can we still believe the unbelievable things of our Christian faith? Come and explore the ways these two films can help us understand what is really real in our Christian lives.
Sandra Ostapowich serves as the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO. She is also the Coordinator for the Amen conferences and secretary of the Higher Things Board of Directors.