St. Louis: Breakaway Session A

Youth Ministry 101 (part 1): There is No Youth Ministry
The Rev. George Borghardt & Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
Professionals. We are professionals. They say we are anyway. But is it true that you shouldn't try what we do at home? No! What's "youth ministry" anyway? Do we do it? How? How can it be done faithfully? Do you absolutely need to have guitars and drum sets? Come and learn about the fundamentals of youth ministry.
Pastor George Borghardt is the Youth/Associate Pastor at Saint Mark Lutheran Church in Conroe, TX and Sandra Ostapowich is the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Loveland, CO.

Faith Comes by Hearing - Who Does the Talking?
The Rev. Steven Cholak
How do you obtain, that is, how do you get faith in Jesus Christ? How do you receive forgiveness, life and salvation? Through the Word and Sacraments, sure! But how do those Means of Grace get to you? Is Christianity a "self-serve" or "self-help" faith? Or does the Lord have a certain, absolute way to deliver His righteousness and life unto you? God is good; He leaves nothing to chance. He's given us the Office of the Holy Ministry.
The Rev. Steven Cholak is an Admissions Counselor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.

The Office of the Holy Ministry - In the Stead and by the Command
The Rev. Richard Heinz
Most people don't want to be overseen by anyone or anything. Most people want to be their own authority. Most people believe that their relationship to God is an individual's own business and effort. See what the Lord says to all this, and that He's given us all someone who speaks for Him - our pastor. Just as we confess in the Small Catechism: "I believe that when the called ministers of Christ deal with us by His divine commandÖ this is just as valid and certain, even in heaven, as if Chris tour dear Lord dealt with us Himself."
Pastor Richard Heinz serves St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church & School in Lanesville, IN and is the Editor of myHT.

Islam - God's Final Revelation???
The Rev. Philip Houser
Is Islam God's final work for humanity? How did Islam begin and spread? What does it teach about God, and the way by which people are saved? Explore these questions, your own questions about Islam and more as God's Word gives us insight into this fast-spreading world religion.
Pastor Philip Houser serves Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE.

A Killer King, A Violent Vintner, and Other Scandalous Parables (New And Improved!)
The Rev. Bruce Keseman
Back by popular demand and now enhanced with visuals! Jesus told some outrageous parables. Remember the king who killed his son's wedding guests? Or the farmer who refuses to allow anyone to pull the weeds in his field? How about the man who put his slaves in charge of cities? Learn how to understand these strange but wonderful stories from Jesus--and what they mean for you. You'll never look at a parable the same way again.
Pastor Bruce Keseman serves Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Freeburg, IL, and serves on the Higher Things Board of Directors.

"Pray without Ceasing." You Can't Be Serious!
The Rev. Scot A. Kinnaman
More than anything prayer would seem to be something we should be good at as Christians. But why are so many Christians disappointed by their experiences with prayer and personal devotions? We will explore Scripture's teaching on prayer, and better understand that the notion that we are supposed to improve our prayers through our own discipline is a fiction created by Satan. And, we will look at some strategies of prayer for living out our lives from Sunday to Sunday.
The Rev. Scot A. Kinnaman is the Senior Editor for Periodicals and Consumer Book Development at Concordia Publishing House.

The Sacraments: God's Word in Action for You - AMEN!
The Rev. Richard Kolaskey
Many people think about God's Word as something apart from and completely distinct from His Sacraments. But it is God's Word that enlivens His Sacraments! He has connected His creating Word to "things" for a reason. In this sectional we'll explore the importance of the sacraments in the life of the Lutheran Christian.
Pastor Richard Kolaskey serves Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dillsboro, IN.

And You Thought the Bible Was the Only Important Book!
The Rev. Paul McCain
There is one book every Lutheran must get to know, second only in importance to the Bible. No, it's not Facebook, it is the Book of Concord. What would you be willing to die for? What are you willing to sacrifice everything for? What is one book that will lay out for you what it means to be a Lutheran? Come learn the amazing story of the Book of Concord and why it is essential for you to know it and understand it.
The Rev. Paul McCain is the Publisher and Executive Director of the Editorial Department for Concordia Publishing House.

Raised Up On A Pole
The Rev. Alan Miller
A look at Luther-era artist Lucas Cranach's Altar Painting - St. Peter and Paul Church. The presentation ties in the story of James Bradley's New York Times bestseller book Flags of our Fathers, the Old Testament account of the snake lifted up on a pole, and of course, Christ lifted up to draw all men to Himself! We'll touch on the topics of vocation, the Means of Grace, Law and Gospel.
Pastor Alan Miller serves Peace Lutheran Church in Glidden, IA.

Jalopy Junktion - Collector Cars and the Church's Liturgy
The Rev. Mark W. Mumme
All run down and left for dead, collector cars often need some TLC to bring them back to life. How do you do it? Where do you start? Will you rebuild it yourself as you are able? Or should you invest in a complete restoration? Come and see how, in liturgy and in life, junk is transformed into gems!
Pastor Mark Mumme serves Zion Lutheran Church in Hardwick, MN.

The Sound of (the Church's) Music
The Rev. Michael Monterastelli
The hills are alive, with the sound of music, sure - but so is the Church. Are there certain sounds of music that especially belong to the Church and its worship? Have you ever wondered why music in Church sounds different from anywhere else? The sounds of music are fascinating. The sounds of the Church's music are eternal, from heaven to earth, and back again.
Pastor Michael Monterastelli serves First Lutheran Church in Lufkin, TX.

The Life-Giving Lectionary
Mr. Stan Lemon
Have you ever wondered why the Church has seasons? Why is the season of Trinity green? Why do we celebrate Mary's conception after Christmas and before Jesus' death? Is Advent violet or blue? Is pink really a church color? Why do we need Lent when Lutherans spent the whole the year being penitential? Come learn about life as the Church as we live together in Christ through the lectionary.
Mr. Stan Lemon serves as the Database Manager for Higher Things and is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Oakmont, PA.

So, where DO good works fit in?
The Rev. Rick Sawyer
Our Christian friends talk so much about the importance of behavior. Or not! Maybe we have that dangerous mindset that since we're saved by grace, good works don't matter at all. Where's the balance between salvation by grace alone through faith alone for the sake of Christ alone, and a life of love and good works? How is the answer always and only located in Christ and His Word and Service to me through His Means of Grace?
Pastor Rick Sawyer serves Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School in Brandon, MS.