St. Louis: In Depth Session

The 180-Minute Bible: Genesis to Revelation in 3 Hours
The Rev. William Cwirla
You know Bible passages and Bible stories, but do you know the whole Bible from cover to cover? This in-depth will take you on a journey through every book of the Bible in 180 minutes, to give you the big picture of the Bible as a unified book of 66 books. You will learn how every book of the Bible fits into God's grand revelation of creation, redemption, and covenant.
Pastor William Cwirla serves Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA.

The Assault of Anthropocentrism
The Rev. Marcus Mackay
The idea that humans are the central concern, and that all things must be judged accordingly has greatly affected the Christian Church. We must be armed with the Word of Truth in order to be defended against this assault from sin, death and the devil. We will briefly survey the concepts at work and examine some specific examples within the doctrine and practice of our faith.
Pastor Marcus Mackay serves Peace Lutheran Church in Hastings, NE.

How do you know that the Spirit is working?
The Rev. Klemet Preus
For the last 2,000 years people have tried to find ways in which they can be certain that the Holy Spirit is active in their lives. Can you know His presence by how well you behave? By how happy you feel? By the excitement of the church you're in? Can you know His activity because you pray a lot or because you have developed a special celestial language? Or are there more certain, more comforting and more Biblical ways of knowing that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in your life and in the life of your church?
Pastor Klemet Preus serves Glory of Christ Lutheran Church in Plymouth, MN.

Born-Again (and again and again)
The Rev. Jeffrey Bloom
What do modern-day Baptists truly Believe? Why are they so different from Lutherans? Why are Baptist beliefs more "popular" than Lutheran doctrine? Hear the answers to these and more questions from a real-life former "born again" Baptist.
Pastor Jeffrey Bloom serves Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE.

Simil Giselle et Juno: Remaining Enchanted in a Jaded World
Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
While Giselle is so utterly convinced that she will marry the man of her dreams and experience ultimate joy in her True Love's kiss, Juno experiments one night with her "part-time lover and a full-time friend" and becomes pregnant at age 16. Both young women struggle in different ways to deal with issues way beyond their maturity levels. When we feel jaded and detached from the world around us, how can we still believe the unbelievable things of our Christian faith? Come and explore the ways these two films can help us understand what is really real in our Christian lives.
Sandra Ostapowich serves as the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO. She is also the Coordinator for the Amen conferences and secretary of the Higher Things Board of Directors.

From Eden to Oh-Eight: Love, Marriage, and Sex Through the Millennia
The Rev. William Snyder
Boy meets girl ... girl meets boy ... now what? This former teen, former bachelor, and former naÔf (now older, married, and at least a bit better informed) uses impromptu "audience theater" and an informal approach to lead a brief history of relationships and romance from Bible times to the present day. He then opens up discussion and questions about what's right, what's wrong, and what's just plain goofy about relationships and human sexuality. Courting or dating? How far is "too far"? Your questions drive the program, so come prepared to askóbut be ready for the answers!
Pastor Walter Snyder serves Holy Cross Ev. Lutheran Church in Emma, MO.

Justifi-what? Sanctifi-who? Knowing the difference between Christ's Work FOR us and Christ's Work IN Us
The Rev. Paul Beisel
Justification & Sanctification. One is complete; the other is a work in progress. One is instantaneous; the other is a gradual process. One is "for us"; the other is "in us." One is a "judicial act in Christ;" the other is daily renewal and healing. Learn about the distinction between the Biblical doctrines and how confusing them leads to error.
Pastor Paul Beisel, Concordia Lutheran Church, Warsaw, IL & Messiah Lutheran Church, Keokuk, IA

Evolutionary "Science" - An Oxymoron?
The Rev. Kirk Clayton
Is evolution based on solid science? Most of us believe that God created the heavens and the earth, but can we explain why? And what are the implications of evolution on our view of each other? How can we defend our faith without feeling like fools? Come learn the chinks in evolution's armor, and explore the missing links in the evolutionary chain!
Pastor Kirk Clayton serves Zion Lutheran Church in Mascoutah, IL.

The Eucharist in the Divine Service: Heaven on Earth
The Rev. Allen Braun
What's going on in the Church Service when Jesus' Body abd Blood are given and shed for you there? Is this just some ritual? Is it only some detached, impersonal forgiveness and strength being given? No. It's so much more. Jesus has promised to be with you - in communion with you. He brings heaven to earth, and to you. You are a citizen of heaven, and you get to go there with every Lord's Supper.
Pastor Allen Braun serves Mount Hulda Lutheran Church in Cole Camp, MO.