MN In-Depths

Minneapolis FOR YOU In-Depth Sessions
Once again, Higher Things has planned a group of sectionals for indepth study of particular topics. You have ten excellent options to choose from. Each In-Depth Sectional is a three-session workshop. Please attend all three sessions of your chosen In-Depth to get the most benefit from it.

The Quest for the Holy Grail
The Rev. Marcus Zill
Congratulations! You are an heir of the greatest of gifts! You’ve inherited something bigger than Swamp Castle, Castle Anthrax, and Castle Aaauugh combined! There is a Last Will & Testament just FOR YOU! Who has left you the biggest inheritance you could ever imagine? And just what is it? Come join us as we explore the riches of Christ’s gift to us in the Lord’s Supper and discuss the implications and practices concerning this rich inheritance in our lives. And for something completely different, get answers to the top five, no, three, questions asked about the use of the Holy Grail.
The Rev. Marcus Zill serves St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church & Campus Center in Laramie, WY. He serves as the Higher Things Christ on Campus Executive.

Hitchiker’s Guide to the Sanctuary: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Rev. David Kind
What in the world is that thing hanging from the ceiling in the church? Is it Gumby? Look at that hanging on the wall! What’s with that PowerPoint® in church? What’s the deal with the big screen stuff? Check out that painting! Sculpture! Mosaic! Stained glass! Come take this hitchhikers guide of art in the church and how art can be used in service of the Gospel. No art supplies necessary (bring your crayons if you insist).
The Rev. David Kind serves University Chapel in Minneapolis, MN. He is also the Minneapolis FOR YOU Conference Chaplain.

Christology in the Movies: “Dear 8lb, 6oz, Newborn Baby Jesus...”
The Rev. George Borghardt
Who do you say Jesus is? The Bible teaches that Jesus is true God, begotten of the Father, and True Man, born of a Virgin. But what was He like? Did Jesus ever smile? Did He fall in love? How do you know? Hollywood depicts a wide range of “Jesus” types for us to choose from. Which Jesus do you like? Baby Jesus? DaVinci Jesus? Buddy Jesus? Ninja Jesus? Come and learn a bit about Christology, the study of Jesus Christ. No seven dollar ticket required!
The Rev. George Borghardt is Assistant/Youth Pastor at St. Mark Lutheran Church in
Conroe, TX. He also serves as the Internet Services Executive of Higher Things and the Asheville FOR YOU Conference Coordinator.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Rev. Daniel J. Feusse
“Traditional” worship? “Contemporary” worship? Does it really matter what a congregation does on Sunday morning? Apparently it does to the Lord. What exactly does Moses see on the top of Mount Sinai when the Lord instructs him on the worship life of Israel? What exactly does Daniel see when the Son of Man is led into the presence of the Ancient of Days? What is it that John sees when, in heaven, he beholds the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world? Could it have something to do with the Divine Service, and especially Holy Communion? Come and find out why the Divine Service is neither “traditional” nor “contemporary” but rather eternal, and why what you do on Sunday morning is a joining in on earth with that which is happening eternally in heaven.
The Rev. Dan Feusse serves Concordia Lutheran congregation in Clearwater, NE and is the Financial Manager for the FOR YOU Conferences.

The Handiwork of God
The Rev. Dr. James Lamb
What do God’s hands have to do with you? With everyone else in the world? Or with anything at all in the world? Does God really care about human life? Even in the womb? Even in great illness or severe handicaps? Even when you’re dying? You are the work of God’s hands! He created you with His hands! He redeemed you with His hands stretched out on the Cross! He now holds you by the hand. He is a definitely FOR YOU God! Come learn how God’s hands give value to your life now and forever.
The Rev. Dr. James Lamb is the Executive Director of Lutherans For Life.

Chasing McDreamy: Women, the Curse, and Shades of Grey
Mrs. Sandra Ostapowich
Every woman likes to be called beautiful. Who doesn’t want to be cared-for and loved? In order to catch that fairy-tale-perfect McDreamy guy, we are tempted to rationalize away our values, often finding out (the hard way) that McDreamy is really McRotten. Is that just the way relationships go? Should we just make the best of it? Explore what the Bible says about women and relationships and hear how the Gospel comforts us from our past mistakes and helps us avoid future ones. This sectional is intended primarily for young women.
Sandra Ostapowich is the Christian Education and Youth Director at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO. She also serves as Secretary of the Higher Things Board of Directors and Coordinator for the Minneapolis FOR YOU Conference.

Who's Your God?
The Rev. Mark Buetow
Is he the god of John Travolta or Oprah Winfrey? Is he the god of Madonna or Tom Cruise? How can you be a witness to people who have false gods? Isn’t that evangelism? Learn what being a witness in a witless world is all about
The Rev. Mark Buetow serves Bethel Lutheran congregation in Du Quoin, IL and is the Editor for Higher Things’ daily Reflections.

The Day You Eat of It, You Will Die!
The Rev. Jeff Kuddes
You Have Died! You Die Daily! You Will Die! And yet you will live even though you die. You don’t want to die, do you? You avoid it like the plague, don’t you? And yet, without death there can be no life for you. Step right up and find out who’s death really counts for you and for all.
The Rev. Jeff Kuddes serves St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hollandale, and Trinity Lutheran Church in Waltham, MN.

Ancient Regurgitations: Countering the Cults
The Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer
Watch out! This sectional will take on the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, witches and raw paganism. Warning: you may be shocked to hear what these cults actually believe, teach, and practice.
The Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer is an Admissions Counselor at Concordia Theological
Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.

You Are What You Hear
Mrs. Barbara Resch

Really? In an iPod age we have a lot of control over the music we listen to. But are you really in control? Does the music you listen to really affect you? Can rap make you Snoop Dog violent? Does Mozart make you wig-head Stanford smarter? Can modern hit music make you Beyonce-beautiful or Pink-tough? Bottom line: Do you use music or does music use you? And does this have anything to do with what you hear in Church on Sunday morning?
Barbara Resch is the Director of Music Education at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne. She also serves as choir director at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fort Wayne, IN.

Is God a Feminist?
The Rev. Scott Porath

Are all feminists created equal? This isn’t your great-grandmother’s feminist movement anymore! It’s changed so much since the days of Susan B. Anthony. Check out how the progressive message of feminism today is so much different than the early feminists of yesteryear and more importantly to God’s design for women for all times. Warning: this in-depth may leave you agreeing with God’s “very good” of creation. And that’s so very good!
The Rev. Scott Porath serves Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eagle, NE.

Extreme Makover: Who, Me?
Mrs. Maggie Karner
Could Ty Pennington do an extreme home makeover on you? He does marvels with homes. Why not you? Do you think you need one? What do you believe about your looks, fashion and appearance? Do the clothes make the man/woman? What kind of image has the Lord given FOR YOU?
Maggie Karner is the Director of Life Ministries for LCMS World Relief and Human Care.

Confessions of a Former Rock-and-Roll Praise Band Junkie
The Rev. Jon Sollberger

Learn what really goes on with rock & roll praise bands and what the band members are trying to do to you and do for themselves. You’ll be dismayed at what the praise bands are truly up to.
The Rev. Jon Sollberger serves St. Peter and St. Paul Lutheran congregations in
Orchard, NE.

Faith based on Facts: Defending the Christian Truth
The Rev. Klemet Preus

Sometimes when you are talking to a friend about Jesus it becomes apparent that they just don’t believe anything the Bible says. How do you defend the fact that the Bible really is true? Do you ever hear words like these: “Those miracles stories are only for people with faith, but I am a person who wants verifiable facts?” Are there ways to convince people about the truth of the Bible without quoting the Bible itself? Are there ways to show that the resurrection is not only possible but actually pretty likely without appealing only to the Word of God? Can you show the historical accuracy of the Bible by sources outside of the Bible? Are there historical, scientific, archeological and logical reasons for people to believe the claims of the Bible? You bet there are!
The Rev. Klemet Preus serves Glory of Christ Lutheran Church in Plymouth, MN and is the President of the Higher Things Board of Directors.