Basic Information

Locations and Dates

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
July 24-27, 2007
(capacity 1250)

LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC (near Asheville)
July 31-August 3, 2007
(capacity 1450)

What to Expect

Higher Things conferences are packed with excellent teaching from God's Word, outstanding Christ-centered worship, loads of fun, and lots of opportunities to make new friends from all over the country - even from outside the country!

Higher Things "Dares to be Lutheran", meaning that we do not hide our uncompromising emphasis on God's Word. In fact, youth tell us again and again that they love Higher Things conferences because they learn so much about their Savior and the Christian faith.

Many conference attendees travel long distances and like to do some sightseeing as well. The conference schedules will allow for ample opportunities to enjoy the local sites, like the Mall of America in Minneapolis and the Biltmore Mansion and Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.


$275 includes the conference activities, t-shirt, most meals, lodging, and more! A $75 non-refundable deposit per registration must accompany the registration forms. Registration will be open August 1, 2006 to February 15, 2007 - or when either conference fills, whichever happens first. All fees must be paid in U.S. funds.

If the conference of your choice reaches capacity before your registration is processed, your may opt to be placed on a waiting list, transfer your group's deposit to the other conference, or receive a refund of your deposit.

Discounts for Early Registration

Mailed registrations postmarked or online registrations completed by December 1, 2006 will receive $5 off each participant. Those who register by October 1, 2006 will receive $10 off each participant!

Pre-Conference Events

A pre-conference choral workshop, "Music in Your Life", will also be held one full day prior to both conferences for those who wish to sing in the conference choirs. More information about this great opportunity and applications to participate will be available to download by October 1, 2006.

Both conference sites will provide lodging (for a modest fee) to groups arriving a day early for sightseeing. A large block of free time will also be incorporated into both conference schedules to provide opportunities for group sightseeing trips.

Who May Attend

While Higher Things conferences are geared specifically for high school students, registrants may be any youth that have been confirmed before the date of the conference, including college students. Non-LC-MS youth may attend with the approval of a local LC-MS pastor and the appropriate conference coordinator. Adult chaperones must also complete registration forms. Unfortunately, unregistered children, spouses and other adults cannot be accommodated as unregistered conference participants

Higher Things recommends a ratio of 1 adult for every 7 youth in your group, and one male adult if there are male youth, and/or one female adult if there are female youth in your group. Each group must be accompanied by at least one adult chaperone. Adult chaperones must be at least 21 years old at the time of registration and approved by their pastor for the role.

College students have an opportunity to apply to serve the conferences as College Student Volunteers. Those selected to serve as College Student Volunteers receive a 50% discount on their registration fees.

What is the maximum registrants for each conference?

As with all Higher Things conferences, the maximum registrants is determined by the chapel space. We think it is very important that we worship together. The chapel capacity for FOR YOU Minneapolis is 1250. The chapel at FOR YOU in Asheville can seat up to 2100. .

Now, Ridgecrest's retreat center has housing available for up to 1450 registrants. After that number is reached, we will have to find housing off campus for registrants up to 2100. This is similar to what happened at the Feast, where half the registrants stayed overnight at Colorado College and the rest stayed at UCC.

Why Are the FOR YOU dates the same as the LC-MS NYG?

The selection of dates for our conferences has always been dependent upon the availability of the sites. These were the dates that were available in MN and NC, so these are the dates of our conferences. We assure you that it had absolutely nothing to do with the dates of the NYG.

In fact, finding a location for a Higher Things is so difficult that we take what dates we can get! Consider the factors: Chapel space for over a thousand youth, housing, and food. Wow. After months of searching, when we found MN and Asheville, we took whatever dates they had available!

Higher Things has never been in competition with the NYG. That's not HT's goal at all! Our mission is to promote Lutheran identity amongst young people. Next summer, that will be done with the "For You" of the Gospel in the North and the Southeast.

"The preacher should care in a heartfelt way for the confirmed youth in his congregation; be serious about this group of Christ's sheep, who stand in special danger; and keep a watchful eye on them." - C.F.W. Walther, the first president of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod