MN Rail-Bus Transportation

Getting from the Airport to the Minnesota FOR YOU Conference via Light Rail/City Bus

For those of you traveling by plane to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and utilizing the recommended public transportation to the University of Minnesota campus, we’ve provided directions below to aid your travels.

  1. After deplaning, make your way from all gates to the baggage claim area, which is located on the lower level, Level 1. View a map of the Lindbergh Terminal
  2. After claiming any bags in the baggage area, make your way to the Ground Transport and Parking Center, which is located another level down from the middle of the baggage area on Level T
  3. Continue walking through middle of Level T until you come to the Hub Tram to the Rental cars, Buses and Humphrey Terminal. Take the free tram to the Transit Center. View a map to make the connection from the Transit Center to the Light Rail station
  4. At the Transit Center, go down one level to the Light Rail Station at the Lindbergh Terminal.  Read about the Airport-Lindbergh Terminal Station.
  5. Purchase a ticket. Rail ticket fares are $2.00 during rush hours (Monday through Friday from 6-9am and from 3pm-6:30pm) and $1.50 at all other times. You must buy your ticket before boarding the train. Keep it available in case you are asked for proof of payment, or you may face a $180 fine. You will also need your train ticket as it serves as your transfer to the bus line. Read instructions for use of a ticket vending machine to pay for your ticket.. Tickets are valid for 2 ½ hours after purchase. 
  6. After purchasing a ticket, board the next Hiawatha Line train in the direction of “Downtown Minneapolis”.  Check out departure times from the Lindbergh Station. Trains leave every 7 ½ minutes during rush hours and every 10-15 minutes at all other times.  View a route map.
  7. We recommend taking the train to the “Downtown East/Metrodome” stop.  View a map of the Downtown East/Metrodome station and surrounding area. The distinctive landmark at this stop is the large white roof of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. 
  8. Transfer to the #16 “University Avenue/St. Paul” Metrotransit bus by walking to the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 4th Street, both of which border the block that the rail line intersects. You will want to take the #16 “University Avenue/St. Paul” bus in the eastbound direction towards the UMN campus. Your train ticket serves as your transfer and can be inserted into the bus card reader upon boarding. You may wish to use the Metrotransit trip planner for planning you trip.
  9. Disembark the bus at the Washington Avenue SE and Anderson Hall bus stop, in the middle of the West Bank of the University of Minnesota. Right above the stop is a brown walkway with windows and "University of Minnesota" in white letters above it. This map of the UMN campus shows the location of Blegen and Middlebrook Halls.
  10. You will be on the lower level of the Washington Avenue Bridge just in front of the entrance to Blegen Hall. Take the outdoor stairs up one level to the West Bank Plaza outside Blegen Hall. 
  11. Walk approximately 2 blocks Southeast through the plaza, which will be parallel to the Mississippi River, towards Middlebrook Hall, the tall red brick building. You will pass Anderson and Ferguson Halls on your left and cross a small pedestrian bridge on your way to Middlebrook Hall. View a close up map or a larger map of Middlebrook Hall.
  12. Proceed to registration and arrival which will be marked with signs at Middlebrook.

Of course, if your group plans to use this method of transportation, we strongly recommend packing accordingly!