Registration Policies

  1. Age Categories

  2. CHILD: Any youth ages 0-11.
    1. All children attending a Higher Things Conference must be registered as attendees, including infants and toddlers.
    2. When registering a child(ren), ages 0-11, please notify the Registrar( of this fact so the registration fee(s) may be manually adjusted.
    3. A parent must accompany and room with a child up to the age of 11 and must be the same-sex of the child if the child is 5 or older. Neither Higher Things nor a conference site are responsible for providing any additional bedding, pillows, mattresses, cribs, etc.
    4. Registration fees are as follows:
      Ages 0-1: Cost of Registration is $35.00 per night (cost of a private room) and the child MUST room with a parent, not necessarily same gender).
      Ages 2-4: Cost of Registration is 50% of current registration rate (MUST room with a parent, not necessarily same gender).
      Ages 5-11: Cost of Registration is full price (MUST room with parent of same gender).
      Ages 12 and older: Full Registration.

    YOUTH: Minors ages 12-17. One full registration fee must be paid for every youth age 12 and over at the time of the Conference.

    YOUNG ADULT: Young adults age 18-20 at the time of the Conference.

    ADULT/CHAPERONE: Adults 21+ years old at the time of the Conference, approved by the group's pastor to serve in that role.


  3. Chaperones and Group Leaders

  4. Higher Things does not provide CHAPERONES for the youth attending Conferences. All groups must provide adequate adult supervision of their own youth. To assure adequate supervision, each group must have at least one (1) male CHAPERONE for up to every seven (7) male YOUTH, and at least one (1) female CHAPERONE for up to every seven (7) female YOUTH.
    1. CHAPERONES of the appropriate ratios must stay with the participants in the residence halls and be present on campus as long as the youth under their supervision are on campus throughout the duration of the conference.
    2. CHAPERONES are expected to enforce residence hall rules and regulations, as well as assist with check-in/check-out procedures.
    3. CHAPERONES must be prepared to organize the orderly evacuation of their participants if an emergency should arise. It is recommended that each CHAPERONE be assigned particular youth for whom they are responsible to safely evacuate in the case of an emergency situation. They should immediately report medical emergencies, building maintenance concerns, missing youth, or any other safety concerns to Higher Things staff.

    There is no restriction on the number of ADULTS or CHAPERONES that may register with a group.

    If a GROUP needs assistance in nding CHAPERONES for the number of YOUTH they're bringing, Higher Things can provide a list of GROUP LEADERS from their area who may be contacted to ask if they would be willing to help out. Please contact the Conference Registrar for this assistance.

    Each GROUP must identify a GROUP LEADER from their registered CHAPERONES/ADULTS who will serve as the liaison with the Higher Things Conference staff.


  5. Groups

  6. All registrants attending a Higher Things Conference must be registered as part of a GROUP. A GROUP consists of one or more YOUTH with one or more CHAPERONE(s) of the appropriate sex(es) from a single church. All youth and adults should know each other enough that any adult in the group can act as a chaperone for any youth in the group.

    GROUPS traveling together and/or combining any registrants should register separately, but notify the Conference Registrar ( so that appropriate arrangements may be noted for housing assignments.


  7. Background Checks

  8. All ADULTS and CHAPERONES (registrants age 21+) registered to attend a Higher Things Conference must pass a national criminal and sexual predator background check by May 1 of the Conference calendar year. Sites may require additional measures to protect the safety of YOUTH at events on their campuses (online child safety training seminars, background checks for YOUNG ADULTS, etc.). Background checks must be conducted after the completion of the previous year's conference cycle (i.e., since last August). Higher Things will notify the GROUP LEADERS attending each Conference regarding any additional site requirements and how to provide confirmation that these checks have been met.

    Instructions for completing and turning in background checks will be emailed to groups beginning in January 2017. Higher Things will accept national criminal and sexual predator background checks completed through Protect My Ministry,, Trusted Employees, or another company that provides comparable checks. Communicate with the Conference Coordinator ( for more information. Higher Things staff retrains the right not to accept a previously completed background check.

  9. Unregistered Attendees

  10. For the safety of the youth attending the conference, no youth or adult may attend a Higher Things conference or portions of a Higher Things Conference without appropriately registering or without the direct approval of the Conference Executive.


  11. Unnamed Registrations

  12. All Registrations in a GROUP must be complete at the time of Registration. Empty "spaces" may not be reserved for a Conference by paying additional deposits or fees without a Registration to which those deposits/fees may be applied. For example, a GROUP cannot complete the Registration process for 6 individuals but pay for 7 (or more) and "hold" the additional space(s) while they try to nalize or recruit more people to attend with the GROUP, and then add the actual Registration details later.


  13. Housing and Meals

  14. Higher Things Conferences are all-inclusive events. Registered GROUPS and/or individuals are not required to stay in assigned housing at the Conference site. Nor are GROUPS and/or individuals required to eat meals provided during the Conference (Tuesday supper through Friday lunch). However, Higher Things cannot discount the Registration fee if GROUPS or individuals choose not to use the housing or meals provided with the conference. Please read the HOUSING POLICIES for additional details.


  15. Transportation

  16. GROUPS attending a Higher Things Conference are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Conference site, including ground transportation to/from airports, and bus or train stations. Higher Things does not provide housing for unregistered bus drivers, and cannot guarantee on site overnight parking for buses. Additional fees for parking passes, meters, tickets, etc. are the responsibility of the GROUPS attending.


  17. Day Passes

  18. Individuals who wish to attend a Conference for a single day may purchase a Higher Things for a Day (HTFAD) Registration at a reduced daily rate. HTFAD Registrations include meals only, not housing. HTFAD registration opens on May 1. Due to capacity limitations, HTFAD may be limited or unavailable at any or all Higher Things Conferences.


  19. Additional Days

  20. On-campus housing is available for GROUPS to stay in their Conference assigned rooms for one additional night before and/or after the Conference dates (i.e., Monday and/or Friday night). The required ratio of CHAPERONES must be present for all additional days on campus, including situations involving combined GROUPS sharing CHAPERONES. If your GROUP is being linked with another to share CHAPERONES, those CHAPERONES must also supervise the YOUTH on any additional days on campus or the YOUTH may not stay on campus for those days. Higher Things does not provide supervision for any unattended YOUTH before, during, or after Conferences.


  21. Registration Fee Schedule

  22. Registration rates are determined by the date a group's Registration fees are PAID IN FULL. Checks mailed to Higher Things will be processed according to the postmark date. GROUPS should take into account weekends and holidays when the Post Office is closed before mailing any checks. Online credit card payments must be completed by midnight, Central Time. Unpaid balances and new Registrations on or after May 1 will be charged a Late Fee of $25/person ($410/person total).


  23. Deposits

  24. Non-refundable Registration deposits guarantee only that a GROUP will be accepted as registered for a conference if the location reaches capacity and creating a waiting list becomes necessary. Payment of deposits DOES NOT "lock-in" a group's registration rate. Deposits will only be refunded for a cancellation if there is a Waiting List for that Conference at the time of the cancellation. A deposit may not be transferred out of the space that it saves. In other words, it MAY NOT be transferred toward a GROUP'S remaining balance if a cancellation occurs and there is no substitution to ll the space.


  25. Final Payment Deadline

  26. All balances (regardless of the Conference a GROUP is attending) must be PAID IN FULL on or before April 30. GROUPS paying all or portions of their balance after this date (regardless of the date their GROUP registered and/or paid deposits) will be considered LATE and will be charged a Late Fee of $25/person ($410/person total).


  27. Late/Walk-Up Registrations

  28. Individuals and/or GROUPS registering for a Conference on or after May 1 will be charged the regular Registration rate of $385/person, plus a Late Fee of $25/person ($410/person total).


  29. Substitutions

  30. If a GROUP substitutes one registrant with another person, they must notify the Conference Registrar ( to officially make the change to the GROUP's Registration so that Higher Things and the Conference site has an accurate record of everyone attending the conference. Substitutions made on or after May 1 will result in a $25 change fee.


  31. Cancellations

  32. Because the materials needed for the Conferences must be ordered based on Registration counts prior to the first conference, refunds will not be issued for cancellations made on or after May 1. Groups with unpaid cancellations that occur on or after May 1&mdashincluding no-shows at Conference check-in&mdashwill be responsible for the outstanding Registration rate of $385/person, plus the $25/person late fee ($410/person total).


  33. Transferring Between Conferences

  34. A GROUP may transfer from one Conference location to another, or off of a Waiting List to another location without incurring any additional fees before May 1. GROUPS transferring from a Waiting List for one Conference to another location should also take note of the WAITING LIST PROCEDURE, below.


  35. Waiting List Procedure

  36. Occasionally, Higher Things receives Registrations and deposits in excess of a site's capacity. When this happens, a Waiting List will be created and maintained by the Conference Registrar.

    Until June 1, the order of the Waiting List will be determined by the date (and time, if applicable) the GROUP'S or Individual's deposit is paid. Registrants will be admitted to the Conference by groups or as individuals, as spots become available. A smaller GROUP or Individual further down the Waiting List will not be moved up to fill available spaces.

    On June 1, the Waiting List prioritization will change to fill all of the available spaces. The first GROUP or Individual on the list will be given the following options:

    1. Claim the available spaces for a portion of their GROUP;
    2. Transfer to another Conference location; or
    3. Receive a full refund of all monies paid towards registrations.

    When an individual or group is placed on the Waiting List, the Registration rate is locked-in according to the date their deposit was paid. This lock-in rate only applies to those on the Waiting List. When moved off the Waiting List, the Registration must be paid in full at the locked-in rate within 30 days of admission to the Conference. After 30 days, the current Registration rate will apply. If a GROUP or Individual on the Waiting List chooses to transfer to another Conference location, their Registration fees must also be paid in full at the locked-in rate within 30 days of the transfer. After 30 days, the current Registration rate will apply. If admitted to a Conference after June 1 (either by transfer, or as a full or partial GROUP), Registration fees must be paid in full according to the locked-in rate by Conference check-in.