Catechesis (religious instruction) at Higher Things conferences is known for being fairly intense - come prepared to learn! Many people today don’t think youth are capable of learning about doctrinal issues, or that they’re even interested in doing so. We have found just the opposite to be true! At our conferences, youth have many, many opportunities to learn more about their faith and its uniqueness in the Christian world. Sectional workshops are offered on a variety of subjects of interest to young people to help them understand and express a faithful perspective when talking to their friends, teachers, and families. Catechetical speakers at Higher Things conferences are pastors or laity in the LCMS.

Sectional topics and teachers will be announced in the spring of 2009. These teachers are selected largely from the pool of pastors and other qualified laity registered for each conference, so we have to wait until Registration closes to see who those eligible teachers are!


Plenary Speakers

At Sola the plenary speakers will be The Rev. Bruce Keseman and the Rev. William Weedon and they will be teaching on the conference theme.

The Rev. Bruce Keseman

The Rev. Bruce Keseman

The Rev. Bruce Keseman serves Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, Freeburg, Illinois. He is a member of the Higher Things Board of Directors. He is a frequent guest on Issues, Etc., has spoken at many prior Higher Things conferences, served as a member of the LCMS Board for Youth Ministry and Board for Youth Services, and was the chair of Lutheran Youth Fellowship. He is married to Christine to whom the Lord has given three children, Andrew (freshman at Concordia Wisconsin), Hannah (junior at Feeburg High School) and Rachel (8th Grader at Freeburg Middle School). As a family they have attended a total of 22 Higher Things Conferences! Pastor Keseman loves sports, especially football (Go Chiefs!) and baseball (Go Cardinals! Editor's Note: Despite the avid fan of NL-Central Red he's still a decent human being). He has a fear of people who fear clowns (check out last year's speaker bios!), and he enjoyrs reading and camping.

The Rev. William Weedon

The Rev. Bruce Keseman

The Rev. William Weedon serves St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hamel, Illinois. His favorite color is red, he's got a fear of heights and really enjoys to jest. He has been a guest preacher on The Lutheran Hour, and has written articles for Concordia Pulpit Resources, Lutheran Witness, The Bride of Christ, Gottesdienst and other journals. He is a frequent guest on Issues, Etc. He has recently spoken at the Our Lutheran Faith Conference in Greeley, Colorado; Lectures on Lutheranism in Hutchinson, Kansas; and the St. John Chrysostom Retreat for Lutheran Preachers in Lumden, Saskatchewan. He enjoys studying the liturgy, church patristics (a fancy word for "church fathers", or really old pastors), preaching, catechumenal ministry, Atkins (the diet thing), and church music (like Petra). He and his wife, Cindi, have been blessed with three children by nature and one by grace (a son-in-law). The last book Pastor Weedon read (other than church stuff) was John Connolly's The Reapers. Pastor Weedon can often be found reading and writing in the blogosphere.


Higher Things Conferences feature three types of opportunities to study the Scriptures, two of these are our sectionals. Each conference features breakaway sessions and in depth sessions. Breakaway sessions each meet once during the conference and cover a variety of topics. Typically you'll get to attend more then one breakaway session during the conference. In depth sessions will meet three times during the conference and take a deeper look into a particular topic. Each conference this summer has a unique list of sectional teacher's and topics. They are listed below for you and will also be available in the conference book when you arrive.