Fall 2001

Fall 2001
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Resting in Christ: Why the Reformed think Lutherans are Second Class Christians

Lutherans are not second- class Christians, but citizens of God's heavenly kingdom.
tags: reformed

Where are you God?

The question "Where are you God?" is asked and then answered as we struggle to understand God in the face of recent terrorist attacks.

Dare to be Lutheran on Campus

A look at the challenges young Lutherans face when they go off to college for the first time.
tags: college

An Inside-Out View of Contemporary Christian Music

Read about Lori Lewis' journey into the world of CCM and how she rediscovered the Lutheran Church.

The Summit

How would you defend the Christian doctrine of Holy Baptism at summer camp? Adriane Dorr shows us how she did it.

The Lutheran Difference

See how Rev. Rast dealt with being a parish pastor in Tennessee in the midst of an anti-Lutheran environment.

Left Behind

Rev. Preus critiques the popular Left Behind book series and shows that its message should not be trusted.
tags: left behind

What is Lutheran? Jello, Confirmation and the Catechism

Rev. Petersen describes the vows that are made at confirmation, and how the Catechism serves as a road map to help explain faith to others.

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