Fall 2009

Fall 2009
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A Love for Life

You might have heard someone say it before: "I know the CHurch opposes abortion, but why exactly? That word isn't even used in the Bible!" So, is that true or not? Mr. Di Mauro breaks down the history of the argument against abortion and gives you some helpful tools in giving a faithful testament to the sanctity of human life.
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Really Receiving

Is God sexist? After all, He said only men can be pastors. That doesn't seem fair. But is it about fairness, or is God talking about something better? Ms. Ostapowich explains why God gave the Office of the Holy Ministry to men alone.

Curtis and Confession, Part II

Pastor Michaels and Curtis are back in the church office, duking it out over what it means to be forgiven. Curtis thinks one thing, the Bible says another, and Pastor Michaels is doing his best to make sense of it all. If forgiveness has been weighing on your mind, check it out. They may just let you get in on the conversation.

The Easy Steal

Let's face it: writing papers for school can be a chore. There's the research, the writing, the proofreading... yawn. But wait. There's Wikipedia and Google and SparkNotes too! After your teacher has read the forty-seventh essay on The Scarlet Letter, will she even notice that you stole a line from a Web site here and there? Mrs. Olson talks frankly about cheating on homework.


Does saying you're a poor, miserable sinner help your self-worth? A lot of people say, "No! It hurts." But what does God say? After a few tangles with the Ustabe Lutherans, Pastor Pauls tells how, in Christ, you're worth an awful lot.
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Happy Being Grounded

There's no worse feeling than getting caught by your parents doing something you weren't supposed to be doing. THere goes your car, your phone, the Wii. You are so, so busted. But there's hope. Your parents still love you. And that, as Pastor Borghardt explains, is really just God doing what He does best: forgiving

Gritty Love

"My religious vocation somehow draws the sorority sisters to me." If that quote doesn't make you want to read on, Mr. Sutton talks about what to do when love hurts, life is painful, break-ups occur, everybody knows, and it seems as though the world is over. (Hint: the love of Jesus isn't quite so fickle at all.)

Christ on Campus: What's the Rush?

Fraternities, sororities, pledges, rush week, Taco Bell, all-nighters: congratulations! You've made it to college. But before you sign your life away to organizations you know nothing about and frat houses you've never been in, know before you pledge. If you're heading out to college soon, you'll want to read Pastor Zill's warning against making oaths that disobey the Second Commandments

Learning to See the Devil adn Praise Christ

If you've ever wondered, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" your answer probably wasn't, "It's the work of the devil." But Dr. Martin Luther understood just how dangerous and evil the devil is, and he wasn't afraid to say so. He also knew that hearing the Word, receiving the Sacraments, and praying helps to fight the devil. Pastor Murto gets real on just how powerful the devil is and how merciful our Lord is.


Your confirmation day is supposed to be memorable. There's usually a lot of cake, your smiling family, and a few presents to open. But there's never, ever supposed to be slapping involved... and certainly not by your pastor! Miss Dorr got slapped on her confirmation day. It's true. Read on to find out why.

I Am not Ashamed of the Law

Talking about the Law isn't all that enjoyable. After all, it shows us our sin, and non of us likes to be reminded of how awful we are. But hold that thought. Pastor Peteresen is here to tell us how the Law also reminds us of how worthless are our attempts to win our own salvation and just how badly we need a Savior