Fall 2010

Fall 2010
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Given Recap

Coram Deo: A Higher Things Conference in 2011

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The Beatitudes

Few Gospel passages have been mischaracterized as much as The Beatitudes. Can you inherit the earth if you're just meek enough? See God if you’re just pure enough? Some would say that, but Dr. David Scaer sets the record straight and brings the focus where it should be with these heavy words—on Christ!

The American Revolution

“Going to the mission field“ might make you think of some brave soul heading into deepest, darkest Africa. Bet you never thought of Colonial America as a mission field but the Lutheran church certainly did. It sent Henry Melchior Muhlenberg to work with pastors in Pennsylvania on the cusp of the American Revolution, where he found himself stuck in the middle of a massive moral dilemma. Find out more about this influential pastor as told by Rev. Kieselowsky and let his life serve as an encouragement to you.

So You Want to Be a Wise Guy, Eh?

If you watch most reality TV shows, you’ll quickly realize that wisdom is a scarce commodity. It doesn’t seem to be valued much today and those who do seek after it often look for it in all the wrong places. Mr. Heath reveals where true wisdom begins and ends, and the good news is that it’s available to YOU.
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Teaching a New Song

Do you love music and have talents in that area? Well entertain this cool possibility: Maybe your church needs you and what you have to offer. You might even be able to do it without having to earn your “Doctorate in Church Music at the School of Hard Knocks,” where Cantor Magness received his credentials.

Christ on Campus

Nobody was more surprised than Rev.Young after the Nashville conference this summer. To his astonishment, the glory of heaven was revealed at Vanderbilt University, a secular haven, when more than 1,000 Lutheran teens and adults joined together for Divine Service.


Pipes don’t have perfect pitch? Sing like a sick cow? No worries! Sing unto the Lord a new song! Rev. Peters will encourage the most timid among you to wrestle with the words of the hymns in your hearts, even if you don’t utter a sound. You may discover that you want to sing in spite of yourself.
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Feasting with Our Lord: The Day of Atonement

“Yom Kippur” shows up on calendars every year, but what is it? It’s the Day of Atonement, and Rev. Messer once again shows us how the rich ceremonial laws of the feast pointed forward to Christ. Discover how even the smallest details of this feast find their fulfillment in the Cross.


With pinpoint accuracy, Rev. Fisk zeroes in on today’s false notion of “spirituality.” Are you open-minded or close-minded? Why is “religion“ a bad word in our postmodern culture? Be prepared to get a book’s worth of helpful insight in this article via Rev. Fisk’s pull-no-punches way of communicating Gospel truth.

Speaking Hope to Homosexuals

There’s a high likelihood you know someone who struggles with homosexuality. Maybe it is your own personal battle. The author of this article seeks to equip you to speak Jesus to your friend, who may not know where to go with this agonizing conflict, and handles this complex and sensitive subject with wisdom and grace.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

“Don’t eat the forbidden fruit!” Tempting, isn’t it? Hence the need for this 6th Petition of the Lord’s Prayer. If sin weren’t such a delectable choice, we wouldn’t so readily gravitate toward it. Rev. Cwirla artfully reminds us that our arsenal to fight such temptation is overflowing: It is Christ and Him crucified, who perfectly resisted temptation on our behalf!