Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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If you've listened to or been around Rev. Borghardt for any length of time, you'll know what "that" is. It actually stems back to one of his most popular conference topics: sex. In his usual impassioned manner, Rev. Borghardt makes the Biblical case for the blessings of putting "that" in its correct context of marriage.

Homosexuality in the Home: The Christian in Crisis

It's one thing to be inundated by all of teh politically oriented arguments regarding homosexuality, same sex marriage, etc. It's an entirely different story when you have someone near and dear to you reveal that they are choosing to live that lifestyle. How on earth does the CHristian deal with this when faced with it? Rev. Ogrodowicz demonstrates how Law and Gospel are the most vital tools to help you minister to your loved one in their time of need

Art Set Apart

A fine artist herself, Kelly masterfully creates a beautiful picture of the role of art in the Lutheran church. Discover its distinct purpose and history as well as how art in the church is a unique blending of tradition and Christian freedom. It's all about Jesus!

The Emperor's New Clothes Part 2 of a Two-Part Series

Yes, it's true. The Emperor's new clothes still leave little to the imagination. Dr. Helmkamp directs our attention to the skies as she bolsters the case, using both science and faith, for us to question the most popular theory proposed about the origins of our universe: the Big Bang.

Baseball and Prayer

Rev. Schmidt takes us back in time, to his own childhood, when his simple, persistent prayer for a wonderful baseball season set the tone for his future prayer life. Let the four lessons he took away from his own experience encourage you as you pray.

Twelve Conference Photo Retrospective

Check out two pages of pictures from the TWELVE conferences

From Above Higher Things Conferences 2013 Details!

Christ on Campus Dare to Be Lutheran: Challenged Accepted

So what's it like to attend a Higher Things Conference for the first time? Read this first timer's enthusiastic review and judge for yourself. A bit of a skeptic at first, Caitlyn discovered that the Twelve conference in Irvine, California was a Christ-centered benchmark in her life as she prepared to start college.

Be Healed

No, that isn't the latest reality TV show you've stumbled across while channel surfing--it's a faith healing service. Tune in to Tysen's article, where he addresses the claims of those who promote such services and explains how God brings true healing into the lives of Christians.

Poetry Page

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Letter from the President of HT

Catechism FAQs

Okay, so you've done your share of studying the catechism, memorized parts of it and may even think that it isn't of any real practical use post-confirmation. Well, think again. Rev. Cwirla handily deals with the most commonly asked questions by Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike about the Small Catechism's origin, purpose and encouraging role in your life.

Bible Study: "That"

Be sure to check out this sample of one of our student bible studies that links up with Rev. Borghardt's article on P. 4