Fall 2014

Fall 2014
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Dare to Be Lutheran: What Does This Mean?

Rev. Borghardt reminds us that "Dare to be Lutheran" is more than a motto-it's a phrase that points us back to the Solas of the Reformation: faith alone, grace alone, Scripture alone and it declares boldly: It's all about Jesus!

Legacy Hardware

Higher Things' own tech guru, Stan Lemon, reflects back on his 10 years with Higher Things and expresses his excitement about the future as HT continues to promote our basic Lutheran distinctives.

Kick Your Conference Experience into High Gear: Be a CCV

Have thoughts about being a college conference volunteer for next year's Te Deum conference? Kaitlin is our latest, greatest cheerleader for the cause with her memorable list of the pros of being a CCV.

It's Time to Silence the Whipsers

Just like Paul encourages Timothy "Let no one despise you for your youth" (1 Timothy 4:12), Rev. Goodman urges us to remember that young people aren't the church in seed form, they already ARE the church.

Seven Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Pt. 2 The Convincing Case of William Lane Craig

Christian apologetics at its best is what you'll be served up if you watch or listen to any debate featuring William Lane Craig, a highly regarded Christian philosopher. Rev. Pierson explains just what makes Craig such a skilled defender of the Christian faith.

Crucified! Photo Retrospective

Did you attend? Maybe you're in there somewhere. Even if you haven't yet attended a conference, you'll get a taste of this unique experience.

HT 2015 Conferences

Te Deum Registration Details

Communion Is for Real

Regardless of your opinion of the movie, Heaven is for Real, it fared well at the box office, but Daniel, especially when reflecting back on his HT conference experiences, rejoices that Communion is as REAL as it gets: real food for our souls, real flesh and blood, and real forgiveness.

Uncle Walther Wants You!... to Become a Lutheran Teacher

Countless kids dream of being a teacher and if you are one of those, you might want to consider directing that desire toward teaching at a Lutheran school. John, a teacher himself, lays out the perks of this vocation.

Table of Duties: To the Young, the Old and Everyone

Rev. Cwirla covers the last of our Table of Duties catechism studies. It all comes down to: faith in Christ, love for neighbor and a keen appreciation for what we have in the Small Catechism.

Table of Duties: To the Young, the Old and Everyone

Be sure to check out this sample of one of our student Bible studies which links up with Rev. Cwirla's Catechism article on P. 28.