Spring 2002

Spring 2002
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Baptism and the Great Tribulation

Holy Baptism does not take away the Great Tribulation. It unites us with Christ so we will never suffer hardships alone.
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A Life Beyond Yourself: The Story of Polycarp

In the 2nd century, St. Polycarp died a martyr's death. As Christians today, we can learn from Polycarp's death and know that Christ will never abandon us.
tags: martyr, ploycarp

More than a Makeover: A Christian View of Death

Jesus has broken the power that death has over each one of us. When we each stop breathing one day, death won't be a defeat, but a means for God to glorify us as He glorified His eternal Son, Jesus Christ.
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Lutheranism and Real Life

Results of Higher Things First Annual Writing Contest.

The Other Side

The Cross stands between us and God. When He looks at us through it, He sees the new us clothed in Christ, without a body marked by sin.
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This new Higher Things column focuses on the people and products that make up our popular culture, but from a Lutheran perspective.
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Good Grief: How Depression is a Blessing in Disguise

In the darkness of depression the love of Christ is all you have. And as it turns out, you don't have Christ at all until all you have is Christ.
tags: depression

Doughnuts in the Kingdom of God

Is there more to Sunday School than just eating doughnuts?
tags: kathy luder

Pride--A Virtue or Sin?

Pride may seem right, but it really is selfish, self-centered, and, yes, sin.
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