Spring 2004

Spring 2004
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The Greatest Comeback Ever

"Easter is not for the languid, the lethargic, the indifferent, nor for those who don't care who wins. A wounded but undefeated Jesus steps out of the grave to confound the odds. He's alive, and that's what counts." Read this powerful sermon to find out about the greatest comeback ever.
tags: comeback, easter

Learning to Be a Wuss

How do you usually celebrate the Fourth of July? With firecrackers, parades, fun, and parties? Read about Nathan's difficult experience, and lessons about depending on God.

The Liturgy of Sports

Do sporting events have their own liturgies? Gene Edward Veith discusses this issue and his conclusions give a surprising picture of our culture's obsession with sports.
tags: liturgy, sports

Love Thy Neighbor

In this, the latest installment of Kathy's adventures and experiences, a neighbor visits their home with some sad news.
tags: neighbor

Christ Puts Death to Death: Does Suicide Give Life to Death?

Adrianne Dorr tackles the difficult and heart-wrenching issue of suicide, and explores the Biblical view as well as Luther's thoughts on the topic.
tags: suicide

Dumb Church Signs

The stupidest church signs ever.
tags: church signs

Texas Youth Group Dares to Be Lutheran

Read about how one youth group has grown closer together by attending Higher Things conferences.

MINING THE RICHES: The Meat of the Gospel

Find out what chili con carne and Christ's incarnation -- as well as your own resurrection -- have in common.

Pulse: Sports Magazines and TV Shows

Pastor Andrae, the ultimate sports fan (and who can be found at any given time playing soccer, basketball, or at least watching ESPN), reflects on cultural attitudes toward sport, and some specific shows and magazines.

Ex Cathedra

Internet theft, dealing with shyness, and drive-thru ATMs with Braille keypads?

The Catechism: Asleep in Jesus

tags: asleep, catechism

Letters to the Editor

A Review of "The Passion of the Christ"

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