Spring 2005

Spring 2005
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Catechism: God Counts

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Ex Cathedra

Issues at issue in this issue: God's will for my life, a presidential speech, and some cat-itude!
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Pulse: Horror Movies

What good could come from a horror flick? Can Higher Things really slam CCM and praise horror movies in the same issue? Are we daring to be Lutheran or what?

Holy by Contact

Our God is a consuming fire -- but what does this mean? In this issue Dr. Veith explores the concept of holiness in the book of Leviticus.

The Mind of Christ

Kathy's autistic cousin visits for the weekend and Kathy reflects on broken minds, broken bodies, and our hope in Christ.
tags: autism, autistic

MINING THE RICHES: The Wisdom of Donkeys

Yes, God even uses donkeys to proclaim His Word! How much more will He speak through your pastor!

Love Songs for Jesus

Mollie reflects on Contemporary Christian Music and its portrayal of God. Do the lyrics of popular CCM songs convey a Biblical viewpoint?

The Liturgy: Something to Treasure

This Lutheran schoolteacher shares her thoughts on why she treasures this jewel of the Lutheran church: our liturgies.
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Life in the Blood

Celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve are examples of prominent supporters of embryonic stem cell research. But is there another way to use stem cells without murdering the unborn?

I Believe that I Cannot Believe

Can you make a decision for Christ? Or choose to accept Christ as your Savior? Read Rev. Pauls' examination of Luther's explanation of the Third Article of the Creed to find out.

Four Myths of Evolution

Spontaneous generation. The missing link. A million-year-old earth. Is the "theory" of evolution fact or fiction?
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Letters to the Editor

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