Spring 2006

Spring 2006
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Catechism: The Power of Water

God joins water and His Word to keep us from eternal damnation. Read about Godís saving gifts, which He gives us through the means of Baptism.

Dare To Be Lutheran: A Relevant Font

Megachurch or faithful church? Contemporary Christian music or the liturgy? Video projectors or hymnals? Mr.Wolf explains the benefits of being distinctly, and even an old-fashioned, Lutheran.
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Pulse: And the Peopleís Choice Award Goes to . . .

Do you like the Black-Eyed Peas? Gwen Stefani? Audioslave? Read this Pulse column to see a survey of what kinds of music Higher Things readers listen to the most.
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Putting Christ in Christianity

Why are most Christians so reluctant to talk about Jesus? Are good works more appealing than our Savior? Dr.Veith outlines the importance of focusing on Christ and the forgiveness He offers.

Mining the Riches: Why Do We Suffer?

While reflecting on Lamentations 3, Jeff Hansen gives insight about God allowing suffering in our lives.

We are Family

Kathy and her mom attend a funeral at church. While there, she contemplates the similarities between biological families and church families, family suppers and the Lordís Supper, and birthdays and feast days.
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The G-Bomb

Your friends, television actors, and maybe even you misuse the Lordís name. Check out Rev. Chrystís article to see why three little words say more than you might think.

Your Alpha to Omega: What to do after Graduation

Are you finishing school this year? Do you feel unsure of what life has in store for you after graduation? Rev. Borghardt reminds us of the hope and promise we have in Christ.

A Few Lies Satan Tells about Himself

Vicar Lehmann weighs in on Satanís anger, our sin, and Godís gift of Jesus for our redemption.

Myths about Suicide: Christian Responses to Kids at Risk

Over 50 percent of teenagers contemplate suicide. Read Dr.Yahnkeís article to find out how you can help those who face this temptation.
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The Pinch: Caught in the Middle of the School Prayer Debate and Other Church/State Stuff

Prayer in public schools is a good thing. Or is it? Rev. Pauls discusses multiculturalism, secularism, and the fine line between church and state. Accompanying his essay is a compelling article on school prayer by Mollie Ziegler.

Intelligent Design: Science or Religion?

Who ya calling pond scum?? Were you created with a purpose or did you evolve from gunk? Can science and Christianity coexist? Read Rev. Cwirlaís defense of Intelligent Design to find the answers.

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