Spring 2007

Spring 2007
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The Goodness of the Law

We're always hearing about the Gospel, but what about the Law? Is it good for us? Why should we pay attention to it? Wouldn't we be better off without it? If you're interested in the benefits of the Law, read Pastor Petersen's column to learn more.
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Dare to be Lutheran: Pentecostalism

Do you have Pentecostal friends who speak in tongues? What do they really believe about the Holy Spirit? They're both important things to know more about, and Zelwyn Heide's done all the research for you.

Pulse: Pray... And Pass the Ammunition

Many adults say video games aren't healthy because they're so violent. But what about Christian video games that aren't healthy because they're so non-Christian? If technology is your thing, this article by Seminarian Doug Taylor is for you.

News and Notes

Pride and Prejudice

Kathy's got herself in a bind. She's told a lie, the cops are involved, and now her guilty conscience is getting the best of her. Read more to find out how it all ends.

Mining the Riches: Take, Eat!

Is there a right or wrong way to receive the Lord's body into your mouth at Communion? Should you be given it from your pastor's hand or take it from your own? Is one way more Lutheran? Pastor Day explains the importance of reverence during Communion, what the Church has said about it through the ages, and the gifts we are given by receiving it.

Christ on Campus: The Strange Land

You've gone to church your whole life. You know your Bible and catechism. But now you're in college, and teachers are telling you that Christianity isn't true, the Bible is a sham, and Jesus is no better than Ghandi. Are you ready for this? How do you react? Read this article, and be better prepared.

Dare to Be Boring

Aaron Wolf reminds us of the Left Behind books and the trend they started. What do Lutherans believe about the end times? And how do we respond to Christians who disagree with us? This article explains it all.

Mind Out of Control

Because of sin, no one was created with a perfect mind and body. But we know that they will be just right one day in heaven. Until then, what's the best way to deal with mental illnesses like ADD? Read this article to learn more.

On Being Lutheran: Common Culture or Common Confession

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be Lutheran? Are we defined by our beliefs or just our infamous potlucks and Jell-O? To get a more detailed study on the matter, look at Betsy Schroeder's article.


God's Will and Me

Thinking about the future can be a little overwhelming even scary at times. You may be unsure, and there may not seem to be many answers. But take heart. Your Savior has a plan for you. He'll work it all for your good.

Is Christianity a Disease?

A well-known celebrity has claimed that Christianity is a dangerous disease. Is it true? What's his proof? And are you in danger of being infected? Check out Pastor Pauls' article for all the answers.
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