Spring 2011

Spring 2011
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Table of Contents

Here You Stand

You can do no other! It’s true—you can’t stand alone before a holy God. That’s why Jesus does it for you. Let Rev. Borghardt’s words remind you of that glorious reality.

The Divine Service Liturgy: Perfect Praise Every Time

Rev. Sollberger clearly lays out the benefits of a liturgical divine service.This isn’t about loving what’s traditional for the sake of traditional. Find out the rhyme and reason behind such a liturgy.

Lord I Forgive; Help Me in My Unforgiveness

With Star Wars overtones, Rev. Heinz assures us that our pastors, too, are in need of forgiveness, which is why they are so qualified to speak the words of absolution to us.

Stem Cell Research: Understanding the Basics

A thorough read of Dr. Lamb’s article will provide you with specific ways to respond to the popular push for the research of embryonic stem cells—often hailed as the holy grail for the treatment of numerous diseases and disorders.

Use and Abuse: The Proper Role of Reason in the Christian Faith

Like all gifts from God, reason is to be used wisely. Find out exactly what that entails in Rev. Parks’ concise handling of this weighty subject.

Ghosts and the Gospel

So what are those things that go bump in the night? Rev. Grams brings Scripture to bear upon this rather unsettling question.

Put Guilt in its Place

Guilt can often take the helm as you steer your way through life’s waters. However, there is freedom from that guilt to be found in Word and Sacrament—gifts from the One who bears our burdens.

Words, Words, Words

“In the beginning was the Word...” In college there are words everywhere you look. Discover the connection Rev. Burhop makes between “the Word” and these “words.”

Deconstructing Evolution's Icons

It’s a sad commentary that many of our science textbooks still insist in promoting some of the original falsehoods of evolution. Rev. Schneider arms you with his deconstruction of these “icons” of evolution.

Vocation 101

Are you In high school or college and haven’t yet figured out your future career? Mr. Engle explains that this doesn’t mean you don’t already have a vocation...or two...or three...

News and Notes

God Gives Himself-For You!

Not only are we STANDING before God on account of Christ, we are also RECEIVING all of the gracious gifts our Father loves to bestow upon us. Rev. Kuhlman’s invigorating article makes that crystal clear.

Catechism: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

You can’t get more basic than bread, but there’s more to this staple food than meets the eye. Rev. Cwirla, in his usual winsome way, sheds a great deal of light on this straightforward request from the Lord’s Prayer.