Summer 2004

Summer 2004
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Clothed with Christ

Through Holy Baptism you have been clothed with Christ. Will you dress like a wise virgin or a belly dancer?

Sex. Little Word—Big Deal

Sex. Such a little word, but such a big deal. Funny how something can be so wonderful, and in other ways, terribly destructive.
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What Am I Thinking?

What would convince a twenty two year old recent college graduate to enter into holy matrimony? Hear the story of from David about how he and his fiancée decided to get married.
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The Christian Teen's Response to Mental Illness

Read about Jenny, Jacob, and Aubrey, three teens who struggle with mental illnesses. How can a Christian teen respond to family members, friends, and classmates with these difficulties?

The Voice of the Gospel

Have you ever heard the Gospel's voice? It sounds more familiar than you might think.

I Am Simply Urging You to Be a Christian

I DON'T WANT TO DO IT! Why has Pastor reinstituted private confession and absolution? Is it worth it?

Don't Tell Dad

Should you tell Dad when your bad choices cause bad problems? An innocent basketball game leads to a mangled curtain rod, some tough consequences, and some thoughts on confession and forgiveness.

An Enemy, A Friend, and Häagen Daaz

A rumor, a betrayal, and snot-flavored ice cream—don't miss Kathy's latest adventures!

The 40 Six Days of Purpose: It's ALL about You!

What is God's purpose for your life? Some would suggest that we are here to worship God or to serve Him through our works. Is that how God sees it?

MINING THE RICHES: The Friendship of David and Jonathan

Pulse: Reality Shows

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Ex Cathedra

This issue's issues: believing in ghosts, dating non-Christians, and normal bodies.

The Catechism: Vocation: Fighting against the Devil

The Pulse: Reality Shows

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