Summer 2005

Summer 2005
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Catechism: God's Gift of Life

Pastor Peperkorn looks at issues related to the death of Terri Schiavo and God's gift of a life worth living.

Pulse: Aliens and Avatars: The Christology of Science Fiction

Pastor Dan Woodring takes a closer look at popular sci-fi movies and TV shows and finds echoes of Scripture in unexpected places.

Ex Cathedra

For the summer to ponder: college students and credit cards, the "freshman fifteen", and abortion.

Why the Pope has Nothing on Lutherans

In Dr. Veith's latest column, he reflects on the new pope and the implications of the papacy on Lutheranism.

Scared of the Dark

Fear Factor -- Kathy Luder style! Check out Kathy's latest installment filled with horror movies, strangers in dark cars, and facing our deepest fears.

Mining the Riches: Lord have Mercy!

Pastor Day reflects on the cry of two blind men pleading with the Lord for mercy. Just who is Jesus, this merciful Savior?

The Day I Got Punched when I Dared to be Lutheran

Ever been punched for standing up for the Gospel? Read Pastor McCain's story to find out why doctrine matters.

Life after Confirmation

After confirmation day, what comes next for the young Christian? Pastor Peperkorn gives some important tips for the post-confirmation years.
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Etiquette Moved by Grace: Why Ceremonies Matter

Does it really matter whether you stand or sit to shake hands? Does it matter if we have ceremonies in the way we worship? Pastor Petersen offers some insight on why ceremonies make a difference in the life of a Christian.

Majestic or Merely Mediocre? A Look at the Musical Quality of Contemporary Christian Music

Is mediocre music sanctified by pious lyrics? In this follow-up article on Christian Contemporary Music, Miss Ziegler takes a look at at the quality of CCM today.

Myths on Prayer

Can a heartfelt prayer come from the words of a hymnal? Read Pastor Borghardt's article as he delves deeper into thoughts on prayer.

"Salvation Unto Us Has Come" Hymn Study

Take a closer look at the Dare to be Lutheran 2005 Conference hymn.

See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole has become a major back-to-school event in many communities. Is prayer at the flagpole a helpful annual ritual. Stan Lemon takes a look at this fall event.

Trendy Change and the Changeless One

Has Christianity been taken over by fads? Elizabeth Meckler explores Christian mass-marketing as well as other "trendy" events like See You at the Pole.
tags: fads, trends

Losing Stupid

News about professional athletes on steroids is commonplace these days. Do 21st century sports emphasize winning at any cost -- even breaking the law? Read Pastor Pauls' thoughts on winning, losing, and healthy competition.

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