Summer 2007

Summer 2007
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To Burn or Not to Burn

Your friend just got the new Nelly Furtado CD, and itís the same one youíve been wanting to get. He offers to let you have it after school so that you can burn your own copy. Do you take him up on it? Or do you fork over the eighteen bucks and buy your own? Read Jess Nortonís article on music piracy if youíre unsure about how youíd answer.

Film History 101

Itís summertime. Instead of whining to your parents that you have no life, pop in one of the ten films all Lutherans should know and love. Doktor Luther has outlined several classic movies that youíre sure to enjoy. And if you donít, well, itís better than sitting on the front porch waiting for the ice cream truck.

Money... Money... and More Money

While you might have a summer job, weíre betting that youíre still begging your parents for more money. But who ultimately gives us all that we need? Believe it or not, money doesnít grow in your parentsí wallets, but it does come from God who knows just how much you need.
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The Wife of a Pastor

When we think of pastorsí wives, we usually think they should play the organ, make coffee for Bible Study, lead the Altar Guild, and teach Sunday School, right? Or maybe not. To get an inside scoop on what itís like being married to a pastor, check out this interview with Julie Stiegemeyer.

Letters Home

Chaplain Richard Townes saw a lot of things, both painful and joyful, when he was deployed to Iraq with a Marine battalion for several months. Through a series of letters written home, he shares the struggles and successes of being a pastor to some of the men and women who fight to protect us.

Saved Sex: A Plea for Virginity

Society tells us that sex outside of marriage is okay, that it wonít hurt anybody, and that itís a sure cure for loneliness. But thatís not Godís plan for you. Read Pastor Paulsí article to find out why God wants you to wait and why He loves and forgives you, even if you do fall prey to temptation.
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Let's Dance

Ballroom dancing is regaining popularity all across America. Itís graceful, classic, and fun. But Pastor Braaten, a ballroom dancer himself, believes you can learn more from dancing than just the cha-cha and waltz. Itís a lesson in leading, following, relationships, and love.

A Moonlight Drive

What started out as an innocent drive to listen to music and hang out with Molly turns disastrous for Kathy when a drunk driver loses control of his car. As a result, Kathy is forced to grow up quickly when she finds herself hurt and in trouble.

Christ on Campus: Questions from Virginia Tech

The recent shootings at Virginia Tech left many Americans wondering why and how it happened. While the thought of such a tragedy happening in your own school might frighten you and give you concern about your safety, Pastor Siems reminds us that Christ has won eternal security for us in heaven.

Mining the Riches: God's Breath

God spoke, and things were created. His words had their intended effect. Sin has tainted that perfect creation, and now we live in a sinful world. At the same time, Pastor Day expounds on why we can wait with eager anticipation for Christís new creation where we will live with Him forever.
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Good Government

Have you ever considered that a good government is one of the ways in which your heavenly Father gives you your daily bread? Itís true! For a lesson in history, tyranny, freedom, and liberty, go straight to Pastor Petersenís article.

Blurbs from the Blogs

Weíve compiled a sampling of some notable blurbs from the Higher Things blogs. Check them out and read more at
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