Summer 2009

Summer 2009
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Knitted Women

Today's society says that men are no different from women and women are no different from men. Christianity, however, reminds us that both genders are fearfully and wonderfully made but also separate and unique. To read up on why the differences are important, check out Ms. Ostapowich's article.

Chickens in the Kingdom of God

School's over, and Kathy's spending a week on the farm with her grandma and grandpa. Grandpa's in the mood to give Kathy a little lesson in what real life is like out in the country, but she thought she was going to the farm for some summer fun. Turns out, Grandpa has other plans, and Kathy's about to get a study in why chickens can do more than just taste good and what heaven will be like.

What's with the Collar?

A lot of Lutheran pastors wear black shirts with a funky little white bands around their throat. Are they just trying to mimic Catholic priests? Or is it more that they have absolutely no fashion sense and they can only match black with black? there's a little more to it. Check out Pastor Bloom's article to see why your pastor isn't wearing mismatched polka dots and stripes. We hope.

What Does God Want Me to Be When I'm an Adult

Society can lay it on pretty thick. Teens today are taught to think about college at an early age. From sports to band to singing to writing, youth are pushed to do their best at the youngest possible age, all in the hopes of getting into a good college. but what happens then? Pastor Marrs made a few career changes of his own, and he survived. You will too


Lindsay Lohan dates girls and drinks Red Bull. Britney Spears shaves her head. Miley Cyrus poses half-dressed for Vanity Fair. All this may have you wondering, "I don't do those things. Is something wrong with me? Am I normal?" No worries. Mary Karner's a normal Lutheran youth, and she'll tell what the media got all wrong
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A Survival Guide for Trouble

You can hardly get on the INternet without seeing some article somewhere talking about the crummy economy. But it's all pretty confusing. Recessions, stress tests on banks, bailouts... can someone please translate what that means for teenagers? Pastor Pauls to the rescue!

Love is No Battlefield

There's a lot of talk about marriage in the news today, maybe in your high school debate class too. Who can get married? Why should anyone? TO help you navigate popular morality and defend marriage, Dr. Yenor lays a strong foundation.

The Masquerade of Evil

Generations of Germans still suffer guilt for what happened during World War II. Even though these people were not alive at the time and are sorry for what happened, they are still ashamed. Americans today suffer from a different kind of humiliation: the shame of not speaking out against the death of thousands of innocent babies. Want to know how you can stand up and make a difference? See Dr. Siemon-Netto's Article to learn how.

Christ on Campus: The Mother of All Conspiracies

You've probably seen the previews for Tom Hanks' new movie "Angels and Demons," You might have even seen you parents reading The DaVinci Code. What's with all these conspiracies about Jesus being married, killing people off, and not really being the Son of God? Who can you trust? Seminarian Mark Pierson sets the record straight.

The Gospel of Twilight

The Twilight series is all the rage. From books to movies to parties, vampires are everywhere. Is this the next Harry Potter? Should you read it? Should you not? Is there anything worthwhile a Christian can learn from a book that deals with evil? Mr. Jess NOrton has read the books and has a few analogies to the Christian life that just might get you thinking

The Alpha and the Omega

Those goofy Greek letters--the Alpha and Omega--are always popping up around church. What's the point? Nobody but pastors read Greek anyway! Thy look cool, but do they mean anything? Prof. Egger says they mean everything, and he's here to give you a crash course in Greek 101.
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