Summer 2011

Summer 2011
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You can't get through Genesis without noticing the significance of the number 12; that thread continues to be woven throughout the Scriptures. Find out from Rev. Borghardt about an entirely new reason to be intrigued by "12!: (Hint: next summer)

Real Ultimate Story

The number of super hero-oriented movies being released this summer is nearly unprecedented. Why do those story lines have such a universal appeal? Rev. Fisk marvels us with his skillful connecting of the Real Ultimate Story dots.

Hermann Sasse: A Remarkable Anti-Nazi and Lutheran Confessor

You might have seen his name here and there but have never really known who Herman Sasse was. Rev. Harrison fills in that information gap by providing a rich snapshop of this faithful, Lutheran Hero.

Cloning: Understanding the Basics (Third In a Four-Part Series)

Dr. Lamb gives us a comprehensive overview of another controversial topic in the arena of science: cloning. It's no longer science fiction and the potential ramifications are far too real.

An Everybody Pastor

In his usual droll fashion, Rev. Fiene artfully makes the point that all pastors, no matter what their specific responsibility or title may be, share a common purpose: the forgiveness of sins.

What's a Body to Do?

Think there's a special cloud floating up in Heaven with your name on it? Think again. We are humans...BODY and soul. Unfortunately the false view that anything material takes a back seat to that which is spiritual, is continuing to seep its way into Christian circles. Rev. Buetow lays out a consistent argument as to why that is such a dangerous way of thinking.

Walking the Walk

Do you walk the walk? What does that really mean anyway? As Mr. Ritchie begins to unpack that commonly heard phrase, you will realize how vital it is that we apply it wisely.

Born Again Virgins

Sure, you've heard that your Savior, Jesus, makes everything new, but maybe you fear there's one exception: you. Rev. Snyder reassures us that even if we fall prey to sexual temptation, God can bring restoration and a new start.

The Big Choice: How Do I choose a College?

Rev. Zill's helpful and heartfelt advice will come in handy, whether your college decisions fell like they are breathing down your neck or all still a few years down the road.

The Long-Term Benefits of a Short-Term Mission

Perhaps your youth group plans a mission trip each summer. You've considered going but doubted you'd have anything to really offer. Discover where the real blessing lies.

The Waffle House Confessional

We have pivotal moments in our lives when God's forgiveness and grace overwhelm us and we learn a lesson we didn't expect to encounter. Sometimes such moments occur in the most ordinary of places

Dare to Be Lutheran Club

Diving Into the Daily Offices

Ever heard the claim that a real prayer is only genuine if it's your words "from the heart?" Using a written guide might be seen as less spiritual. Rev. Erickson persuasively argues that this is not the case, and encourages us to discover the delight in praying through the Daily Offices.

Catechism: "Forgiven and Forgiving"

Rev. Cwirla, with robust clarity, unpacks the Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer and lays out the depths of God's forgiveness. Our Lord frees us up to forgive it forward!