Summer 2012

Summer 2012
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Holy Jesus, Holy You

Will the real "sanctification" please stand up? Rev. Buetow pinpoints exactly what this theological mouthful-of-a-word is in the christian life and directs the conversation where it needs to go: toward Christ!

On Being "Simul" New Software on Old Hardware

So what does a cool Latin phrase have in common with 21st century computer technology? If anyone can tie them together, Rev. Cwirla can. And in doing so, he brings clarity to our understanding of the battle between Old Adam and New Man.


It seems like every movie season features a new twist on the old vampire story. Well, it turns out that our fascination with the undead might actually be linked to the greatest redemptive story ever. Rev. Grams skillfully connects the dots throughout his article.

Lutherans on Facebook

Whether you spend hours a day on Facebook or have sworn off ever signing up for an account, you will find something to appreciate in Mr. Kohlmeier's explanation about service to our neighbor via Facebook. The principles he elaborates on apply to any social interaction we might have.

The Emperor's New Clothes Part One of a Two-Part Series

Although Neo-Darwinism can lend itself to some highly technical lingo, Dr. Helmkamp carefully walks us through the fatal flaws of that theory in this first of a two-part series and shines the light of the Gospel on the discussion as well.

Church is Boring

You caught yourself yawning at church last Sunday. Did you look around and make sure nobody noticed? Were you bored? It might surprise many people in today's culture to know that the purpose of church isn't to entertain us. Rev. Voltattorni focuses on what it is about church that is truly music to our ears.

Two Voiceless Prophets

The David and Bathsheba story: adultery, murder, major sinful deeds. There are, however, two players in this Biblical account that you might not have given much thought to before. Rev Lorenz insightfully shows us how important their roles truly are.

Connected to Christ at College

If college is on the horizon for you, it is a wise step to read something from someone who has walked that path already. Miss Dooms eloquently offers great counsel and wisdom for those who are nearing that big step in their lives.

Fish Don't Want to be Caught

Starting a college ministry in five easy steps! Not! And there's a reason this is unrealistic. Every campus is different but one thing generally remains the same: Students are not naturally clamoring to be a part of a Christ-focused group. Rev. Young's own experience provides encouragement to those who are fishers of men on campus.

A Fond Farewell from Pastor Marcus Zill

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Higher Things Farewells to Rev. Marcus Zill and Rev. David Kind

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Knowing Jesus

Do you really know Jesus? How do you know? Miss Teske shares a personal account about that very challenge someone once made to her and how it firmed up what she can confidently say about knowing Our Lord.

Poetry Page

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When You Pray, Say "Our Father"

Our Lord desires that we come to Him as children come to their father.. with expectancy, eagerness and trust. Rev. Cwirla reminds us of all the comfort we have to gain as he unpacks these first simple but profound words of the Lord's Prayer.