Summer 2014

Summer 2014
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The First Time I Died

It's a normal ambition to attempt to map out our lives. At the tender young age of 18, Rev. Riley did just that but ended up down a path where God took him face to face with Jesus. He died that day, but it was no "Heaven Is for Real" experience - he was "buried with Christ by Baptism into death." And it was then that his life truly began.

The Life You Now Live

Drown, rinse, and repeat. This is the formula for the Christian life. It isn't about trying to follow God's law more faithfully. It's about realizing that, having been baptized through Christ, you follow God's law perfectly.

Sanctification: Jesus Living in You

Sanctification is frequently a Christian buzz word. For some it means how we become more holy or sin less the longer we are Christians. With clarity, Rev. Buetow illuminates the Biblical understanding of sanctification that takes us out of the driver's seat.

His Name Is John

What's in a name? Well, in this case, "John" means a whole lot more than meets the eye. John the Baptist's sole mission in life was to pave the way for Christ, which Rev. Zill explains was an incredible demonstration of God's grace.

Seven Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Part 1 The Lasting Legacy of C.S. Lewis: Why Imaginative Apologetics Matter

It's likely that you have had a taste of C.S. Lewis, due to the popularity of the Narnia movies. But Narnia is just the tip of the iceberg. Rev. Pierson looks under the surface and persuades us that an essential part of building an understanding of Christian apologetics is to investigate all that C.S. Lewis, with his incredible insight, has to offer.


Yes, it's true. We aren't just fans of Jesus. We are committed to Him. But what's the Christian faith really about: how well we follow Christ or how amazingly He saves us? Rev. Mumme sets the record straight regarding a popular graphic making the rounds in social media.

Poetry Page: The Final Strife

See the death of a child of God through the lens of a pastoral poet.

Christ on Campus: Your Body is Beautiful

The struggle with body image is not a new phenomenon, and most people grapple with it to some degree, but there comes a point where it becomes an idol. Annalise, through her own experience, reminds us where true beauty lies and that our confidence is in Christ.

Great Expectations

More miscommunication comes from unspoken or unreasonable expectations. We who are baptized in Christ have truly great expectations that Christ Himself faithfully fulfills for us. And, as Bethany shares, knowing this will help us deal with the disappointment that comes when many of our expectations in this life aren't met.

Table of Duties: Workers and Bosses

You get a job, you work the grind, you make money and that's it. Right? Well, not exactly. Rev. Cwirla reveals the beauty behind the vocations of worker and boss, and how Christ faithfully loves our neighbor through us.