Winter 2004

Winter 2004
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American Christmas

Pastor David Petersen, in his column on the catechism, compares American pictures of Christmas to the story of Jesus' birth.

Have a Material Christmas

God became flesh in Jesus Christ and was born into this world as a baby to suffer and die on the cross and rise physically from the dead. Are these basic truths of Christianity contrary to popular beliefs today as portrayed in books like The Da Vinci Code? Read Veith's latest column to explore this very important topic.

Putting the MASS Back in Christ-mass

"Keep Christ in Christmas!" and "Jesus is the reason for the season" are familiar sayings these days that we hear frequently around at Christmastime. But what about keeping the "mass" in Christmas? Pastor Borghardt explains what the other half of the word "Christmas" is all about.
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Mary, the Mother of God

Whoa! Wait a minute, can we refer to Mary as the mother of God? Sandra Ostapowich examines this seemingly small point of theology and finds rich meaning in understanding our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Meditation for the Feast of Sts. Adam and Eve

An unusual encounter with a vicar's cat leads to some startling revelations late one Christmas Eve.

Does God Discriminate against Women?

In a letter from a father to a daughter, Pastor Dwight Hellmers addresses some questions about issues that reflect on women, the Bible, and feminism.

I Met this Girl Online

With nearly 1 billion Internet users worldwide, stories of crime and abuse of this tool increase as usage increases. But many also have positive experiences. Read about one pastor's experience and how -- with much care and caution -- the Internet can be the place to meet some wonderful people.

Light on the Lingo?

Pastor Chryst explores the definitions of some words that you might already wonder about.

The Business of Killing

Fieberkorn, a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force, shares his experiences as a commissioned officer in the armed forces and reflects on his vocation as a soldier.

Letters We Wish People would Write to the Editor

Ex Cathedra

In this issue, Ex gives advice on great pick-up lines and how to make plans after graduating from high school. Check it out!

If You Give A Mouse A Swimming Pool

A Thanksgiving dinner which begins with high hopes and gourmet grandeur ends up with some lessons about thankfulness and swimming mice.
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