Winter 2013

Winter 2013
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Merry Christmas From Above

Delve right into the spirit of Christmas as we recapture the magic of Rev. Borghardt’s impassioned, Christ-laden Gospel message from the Higher Things 2013 conferences.

They Testify of Christ

From Genesis to Malachi, Jesus is on every page of the Old Testament Scriptures. Rev. Buetow takes us on a tip-of-theiceberg tour through the OT, demonstrating how it points to the promise of the Messiah to come.

Your Church is Too Sexy: Why Church Architecture Matters

Think there’s a disconnect between theology and architecture? Chad Bird artfully presents just how intertwined they actually are and why this is so important when understanding the doctrines that undergird worship.

The Mark of a False Prophet: They Draw Away Disciples After Themselves

There are so many messages being sent out on blogs, twitter, radio airwaves, TV channels from preachers of every do we know whom we can trust? What distinguishes a false prophet, or a wolf from a faithful preacher? Chris Rosebrough deals with this subject on a regular basis on his radio program and shares his insight with us.

Know-Nothing Know-It-Alls? The Curious Case of Agnosticism

It’s one thing to deny there is a God. It’s another thing altogether to operate as if you cannot know if there is a God. Far from being “atheismlite,” agnosticism offers its own set of challenges. Rev. Pierson sheds some light on this lesser known belief system.

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Christ on Campus: Christendom on Campus

No matter where you go to college or end up going, there will probably come a time when the views of your professor are diametrically opposed to the values of your Christian faith. Bethany Lange offers up her experience and advice on how to deal with these sorts of situations.

The Church Year and the Liturgy

Not only is our divine service liturgy filled with Scripture, it also sets the scene for God to give us His wonderful gifts of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, which Dr. Eifert explains as he lays out the cool connection between this same liturgy and our Church Year.

Ambition: Should a Christian Seek Success

Rev. Hageman encourages us to take the talents God has given us and use them to the best of our ability for His glory. Such ambition, he says, is not contrary to the Christian life.

Catechism: The Table of Duties: Parents and Children

We live in a day when the roles of parents and children in the home are being blurred or sometimes even obliterated. As always, Rev. Cwirla provides an excellent walk through this area in Luther’s Small Catechism, which will equip you in the faith, whether you are a child, a parent or both.

Bible Study: They Testify of Christ