When Evil Suddenly Assails Us

by Vicar Mark Preus

Tune: Wer Weiss Wie Nahe

When evil suddenly assails us,
And makes us question who Thou art,
Thy Word of mercy cannot fail us,
It shows to us a Father's heart,
Which breaks at every sinner's fall,
And longs to save and rescue all!

From where is all this sin and evil,
That robs the innocent of blood?
The prince of this world is the devil,
Who fights against our holy God;
Who works in faithless hearts his hate,
And wants us all to share his fate.

If we should judge by eyes and senses,
And so ignore our heart's true state;
We would not see our own offenses
Have added to the devil's hate;
Then hypocrites we all would be,
And only sin in others see.

Though Satan's triumph may seem certain,
As still he prowls his lies to roar,
He soon will meet the condemnation
That for the wicked is in store:
To Hell with all who mock God's name
By acts of wickedness and shame!

Lord Jesus, who hast suffered for me,
In whose blest flesh my sin was borne;
Thy heart, I know, cannot abhor me,
For Thou my shame and guilt hast worn,
To robe me with Thine innocence
And by Thy blood plead my defense!

Then come, Thou Judge and judge forever
My soul as clean as Thou art pure,
Come mighty God, my only Savior,
Plant in my heart what must endure:
Thy Word which must forever stay,
When this sad earth shall pass away.

Be with the poor and meek and lowly,
Who suffer from the devil's pow'r;
Turn sinners' hearts to trust Thee solely,
And wait on Thee in sorrow's hour;
That all may see through loss and pain,
Thy lovingkindness must remain!

All glory to our Father, Maker
Of all that is and is not seen,
And to the Son, of flesh Partaker
To buy us back from shame and sin;
All glory to the Spirit be -
One God now and eternally.

Vicar Mark Preus is presently serving as a campus ministry vicar at Trinity Lutheran Church in Norman, OK.

Created: April 21st, 2007