What I Love About Higher Things Conferences

I love going to Higher Things every year because of the pure liturgical services, and the diverse breakaway sessions. Every one of the services offered is pulled directly from the Lutheran Hymnal, and in turn from God's Word, ensuring that we receive God's good gifts each and every time we worship. Using the Word also ensures that there is no deviation from what God tells us. For me, this is very reassuring in a world that is constantly trying to pull us away from Jesus.

The breakaway sessions are excellent to increase our knowledge as Christians. The topics range greatly from how to interpret the Scriptures with better understanding to the issues that are prevalent in our world today. I have found that these sessions help add to our tools to defend our faith in Jesus Christ.

I have gone every year for five years and each time I come away feeling that my faith has grown and being reminded that Christ died and rose for all of my sins out of His pure grace and mercy.

—Jessica Schmidt, Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church in Black Hawk, SD.


Higher Things is always a highlight of my summer. I have nothing but positive words for the Higher Things conference in Colorado. I felt like I have the best perspective as a chaperone because I was able to participate in everything the conference had to offer as well as hear the reactions and perspectives from the youth.

This was my sixth Higher Things conference and I was still constantly learning about my faith. I love the fact that Higher Things offers a large variety of breakaway sessions because they allow participants to choose the depth of their learning. We would meet up as a group after the sessions and our youth couldn't wait to ask all of the questions they came up with. It is so fulfilling to know we are providing the youth with an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of their faith. The fact that Higher Things will take the time to actually teach what it means to be a Lutheran is so important because our youth will be better prepared to defend their faith in the future.

Higher Things also does an amazing job mixing the fun with the learning. There is never a dull moment at these conferences and our youth are always happily exhausted on the way home! We have deeply enjoyed every conference that we have attended and have already started making plans for next year!

—Megan Sutton, Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church in Black Hawk, SD.

Created: September 2nd, 2016