Servant Jesus

Isaiah 42:1-9

Rev. Kuhlman PreachingYou didn’t even ask.  You didn’t even merit it.  And you probably thought you could do without.

But the Lord interrupts your life.  The Lord speaks up when you’d rather be talking, texting, tweeting or facebooking.  He has something to say.  He preaches a sermon.  The old fashioned way.  No Apple iPhone 4 message.  A word from His mouth.  And He’s in a giving mood.  Always is.  And the sermon? “Look here everyone!  Behold, my servant!  I’ve chosen Him!  I’m absolutely delighted with Him!  And He’s my gift – to you!”

Did you catch that?  The Lord gives you – A SERVANT!  How odd.  God gives a Servant.  His Son.  Jesus.  For you.  A sinner.

What will you do with this gift?  Take advantage of Him?  Abuse or spurn the gift?  Mock the gift? Would you rather not have Him interrupt your life?  And so make plans to eliminate Him?  What was that you said?  Was it … “Crucify Him”?  “Crucify Him”? That was you, wasn’t it?  You handed the Roman soldiers the hammer and the nails, didn’t you?  Didn’t you offer your assistance to hoist up the cross with the Servant Gift hanging on it?  As He screamed in immense agony and then died?   

The answer’s yes.  Yes you did.  And so did I.  We’re responsible for hanging Servant Jesus there.  You and I crucified Him!  

And yet the Father who created the heavens, who spread out the earth, who gives breath to all living things, is still delighted!

With Jesus!  His gift to you.  Servant Jesus.  Who came not to be served but TO SERVE and to give His life into death for you!  

Behold a “new thing.”  We don’t go to God.  God comes to us.  The Father’s only begotten Son is conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.  Immanuel – God with us.  Christmas Gift Servant Jesus.  To save you from your sins.

How?  Good Friday.  You meant it for evil.  But He uses it for good.  Your eternal good.  He just goes ahead and does the Friday we now call “Good.”  Your sin is His.  He answered for it that day.  All of it.  He left none out.  His Blood cleanses you from all sin.  

Yes, that’s right.  I said it.  All!  You name the sin.  Little.  Big.  Or if you’d rather not – it doesn’t matter – it’s all taken care of in Servant Jesus.

Behold a “new thing.”  Servant Jesus interrupted your life.  Called you by the gospel!  Took you by the hand, gave you His holy name, and washed you clean at the font.  Comes right into your midst and sets you free from the chains of your sin and death by saying:  “I forgive you.  I died for you.”  And then He invites you to His supper table.  He speaks something very new.  What had never been said before:  “Bread.  Eat it.  My body given for you.  This cup of wine.  Drink it.  It is the new testament in my blood. My promise – my absolute promise – that I don’t hold your sins against you.”

No wonder the Father says:  “Have you seen my Servant!  I chose Him.  And I’m so delighted with Him!”  Because Servant Jesus is His gift to you.  The one and only gift of salvation.  And because of Jesus – He is most pleased with you.

In the Name of Jesus.

Created: August 1st, 2010