From Above: A CCVs Perspective

Sara Scheler

What do an art student from Chicago, a mom from Rhode Island and a college student from South Carolina have in common? They all took a week out of their busy summer schedules and volunteered their time to make the From Above Scranton conference a success.

If you are attending one of the conferences this summer, you will see the college conference volunteers (CCVs) and numerous staff members running around in their snazzy blue shirt giving lost Lutherans directions around campus, answering questions, cleaning, organizing, and delivering water to pastors’ plenaries.

What you probably won’t see is all the behind-the-scenes work that the staff does to make the conferences a time of fellowship, learning and lots of fun for thousands of Lutheran youth.

Before the conference week is out, sustained by lots of prayer and lots of coffee, the staff will return to their “normal” lives (or, in many cases, gear up for the next conference), exhausted but energized by eager young Lutherans pumped to learn more about their faith.

Sara Scheler is a student at Dominican University and a CCV at From Above - Scranton

Created: June 27th, 2013