What I Would Like Young Adults to Know about the Church

Rev. Brandt Hoffman

Dear young adult,

This may be hard for you to hear, but from the time you reach the age of fourteen, all the way into your early 20s, you are in a stage of your life known as "young adulthood." For this reason, I will ask you to "put away childish things" (1 Corinthians 13:11) for a moment and consider what I have to say to you.

As you become an adult, it's important that you assess the things that are important to you. You see, your whole lives up to this point have been an exercise in being exposed to what your life could be, along with all the subjects of math, science, reading, art, literature, etc. However, I want to talk to you about something else you have been exposed to (a little or a lot): the church.

You know that over time, the more you learn about something—the more you are exposed to it—the more it grows. The church is the same. The fellowship of believers is the church. Those believers are all messed up and sinful. They suffer, they sin, they fall down. For this reason, God gathers them and you together in the church, the place of worship, so you might be strengthened and enlightened by His gifts and so you can hear and receive forgiveness.

I want you to grow in this because as a young adult, life is hard enough without having the emptiness of a distant relationship with Jesus. As you grow into a man, the church—just as when you were a child—is there for you to strengthen you and mentor you into your new life as a baptized child of God as you grow into adulthood.

Christ has claimed you as His own in Holy Baptism. He has written your name in the Book of Life. He has made Himself clearly present to you in His Word and Sacraments. Your journey to adulthood need not be a solitary one. The life of the church includes your life as well. As each member has a part in this life of Christ, I am thankful for everything He has done for you and all He will continue with you as the head of His Church.


--Every pastor and father who has ever loved a son or daughter.

Rev. Brandt Hoffman is the pastor and director at Christ Lutheran Church & School in Coos Bay, Oregon

Created: May 6th, 2016