Science and Scripture: Best Frenemies? A HT Junior Youth Retreat

November 1-2, 2013

You pick up the Bible, and read about a man walking on water and turning water into wine. Then at school, you learn that science has proven that those things couldn't have happened. Has science made it impossible to be a Christian?

Come hear some good answers to your questions with Rev. St-Onge, a former engineer and author of Five Things You Can Do to Appreciate Science and Love the Bible. We'll learn how to separate science from pseudo-science, how good science supports what we read in the Old and the New Testaments, and generally how we can still be faithful Christians in a scientific world.

Pastor St-Onge has been called to serve as a missionary for the LCMS in the Asia Pacific region. He has spoken at several Higher Things events, and previously served as youth pastor at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, TX.

When: November 1-2, 2013
Cost: $30 per person
Where: Trinity Lutheran Church – Darmstadt 1401, West Boonville-New Harmony Road, Evansville, Indiana
RSVP: By registering online at
Trinity Lutheran Church - Pastor Steve Kieser / / (812) 867-5279
Sandra Ostapowich at - Higher Things Retreat Coordinator

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