Te Deum: More at Concordia Nebraska!

Stuck in waiting-list purgatory? Didn’t even bother registering for a Higher Things conference this year because you heard they were full. ALREADY.

Once again this year, Higher Things is holding three summer youth conferences. But by New Year’s, TWO of those conferences had already reached capacity — weeks earlier than has ever happened before! And now, less than two weeks later, both conferences have over 100 people on waiting lists!

The third conference, being held at the University of Nevada — Las Vegas, still has room with no waiting. If you want register for a conference where you will definitely get in, go to Vegas! It might be a little farther to travel than the midwest sites, but airlines are always running specials to go there. You can probably find a great deal.

In Michigan, we are limited by the capacity of the chapel on Calvin College. We absolutely cannot open up any more spots for that conference. Sorry. However, in Nebraska, we have been limited by the housing capacity on Concordia’s campus. Our conference chapel can actually accommodate a few more people...

...so we are expanding the 2015 Nebraska conference ONLY, by offering a non-housing registration option for 250 people! This non-housing registration is only available via opt-in for those who are already on a waiting list (yes, for Nebraska OR Michigan). Groups who already have approved registrations for a 2015 HT conference MAY NOT use this option. It is ONLY to be used to expand the current approved registrations at the Nebraska conference. However, groups on the waiting list for Michigan may transfer their registrations to the Nebraska conference and opt in for the non-housing registration with no penalty.

The non-housing registration rate will be $255/person, through the remaining registration period which ends on January 31. From February 1-April 30 it will be $285/person and then on May 1, it will increase to $310/person. That’s a savings of $90/person off the current registration rate! Registration rates are determined by the date your group’s BALANCE is paid in full. For your convenience, we have reserved a block of rooms at a hotel in nearby Lincoln, and will provide the name and contact information for that hotel to each group leader, once they are registered and approved for the non-housing option. Groups will be responsible to contact the hotel and make their own reservation(s). Groups are not required to stay at this hotel if they are approved for non-housing registrations, but we have selected it so that safe, affordable, and nice quality rooms would be available for any Higher Things youth and their chaperones who may be staying off-campus.

For groups already on a waiting list: If you are already on a waiting list and have your deposits paid, you will need to contact Crysten Sanchez, the Conference Registrar (registrar@higherthings.org) to notify her that you would like to opt in for the non-housing registration and she will provide the hotel information for you at that time.

For new groups that have not yet registered: To take advantage of the Nebraska conference expansion, groups must first be registered and on the waiting list to attend the Nebraska or Michigan conferences. If you have not yet registered (and now wish to do so since there’s room!) you will need register online before you can proceed. Once registered and your groups’ deposits received, the Conference Registrar will contact you with the hotel information.

Please remember that this expansion is limited to just 250 registrants. Once we reach this new capacity, that will be all the room we have for the 2015 Nebraska conference. Please do not make hotel reservations or plan to attend without having your registration approved first. This non-housing registration is an exception that Higher Things is making ONLY for the 2015 Nebraska conference and will not be offered for the other 2015 or for future conferences. Download details about the conferences and registration polices and processes at TeDeum2015.org, and remember that there is room with no waiting for the Las Vegas conference!

Questions? Feel free to contact me at conferences@higherthings.org or email my assistant, Crysten Sanchez, the HT Conference Registrar at registrar@higherthings.org or call us toll-free at 888-482-6630.

In Christ,

Sandra Ostapowich
Conference Executive
Higher Things, Inc.