Saturday of the Seventh Week after Trinity

Daily Lectionary: 1 Samuel 19:124; Acts 28:1-15

We have thought, O God, on Your lovingkindness, In the midst of Your temple. (Psalm 48:9 from the Introit for Trinity 8)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. What do you think about when you're in church? Which restaurant to eat at for lunch? That test looming this week? That fight you had with your boyfriend or girlfriend? That whining baby three pews behind you? Lots of thoughts go through our heads to distract us from gladly hearing and learning Christ's Word!
Which is why, above all else, worship is about the lovingkindnesses of God. That's what we go to church to think about. And to receive for real! "Lovingkindness" is a bit of an older word but it means, well, what it says: loving and kindness together. God's lovingkindness is that He loves you and is kind to you. So, of course that means His lovingkindness is Jesus. For it is in Jesus that God loves you and forgives your sins. It is in Christ that the Lord is kind to you, not giving you what you deserve but forgiving you for the sake of Jesus, who died for your sins and rose again.

How else is God kind to you? By washing and naming you at the font. By absolving you and preaching to you His saving Word. By giving you Jesus' Body and Blood for the forgiveness of sins. Those are the real, concrete and tangible ways that God is kind to you and gives you His love.

To be in the Lord's house, in the Divine Service, is to be all about the lovingkindness of God. Not us thinking about it so much as the Lord doing it, showing it, giving it. Yeah, your mind wanders repent and pay attention! But know that the lovingkindness of God is so great that not even your wandering mind can stop it from being bestowed upon you. After all, where Christ and His Word are present, there the lovingkindness of God is all yours. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

All praise to You, O Christ, For love whose depth and height, Whose length and breadth fill time and space With endless life and light! (How Wide the Love of Jesus, LSB 535:5)

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