April 13, 2013 - Saturday of the Second Week of Easter

Today's Reading: Introit for Easter 3

Daily Lectionary: Exodus 32:1-14; Luke 6:20-38

Our soul waits for the Lord. (Psalm 33:20, Introit for Easter 3)

Alleluia! Christ is risen! In the name of Jesus. Evidently my children are deprived. They've never been to Disney World or any other place their father would have to spend inordinate amounts of time waiting in line. I prefer to vacation in remote places far from crowds. I despise just waiting five minutes to check out at the grocery store. So why are other people willing to stand in long lines? It’s because they find it worth the wait.

It's always worth the wait when you wait for the Lord.

Why doesn't our Lord end all the misery in this world? Why doesn't He answer all our questions? Why doesn't He fix our problems? Why doesn't He make funerals non-existent. Why doesn't He abolish abortion and war and hatred and murder and child molestation?

He will. Be patient. Wait for the Lord. It is not time just yet. He is gracious. He wants everyone to repent. And all those the Holy Spirit will bring to faith in Jesus haven't yet been brought to faith in Jesus.

The world waited untold centuries from the time God promised One who would crush Satan for us until the arrival of the One who did crush Satan for us. But it was worth the wait. At just the right time our Lord conquered the one who conquered us in the Garden of Eden. Our Lord crushed Satan by letting Satan — and society and death and us — crush Him. On a cross. But He did not remain dead. So we who have been baptismally connected to Him will not remain dead.

At the right time, Christ entered this world through Mary to save us. At the right time, Christ will return in glory to take us home.

Then dissension, division, divorces, and death will be destroyed. Hatred, hurts, and heartaches will be gone. Sickness, stress, strife, and sorrow of every kind will be wiped out. No more starving children, no more deadly accidents, no more weeping over caskets.

God will put everything back like it was in Eden — only better. Perfect relationships, perfect minds, perfect lives, perfect deeds, perfect bliss, perfect joy. And, unlike Eden, we won' t be able to mess it up.

Even the father of my children, as impatient as he is, will find that worth waiting for. "Our soul waits for the Lord," because Christ is risen.

Feast after feast thus comes and passes by, Yet, passing points to that glad feast above, Giving sweet foretaste of the festal joy, The Lamb's great marriage feast of bliss and love. (Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face LSB 631:7)

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