April 8, 2009 - Wednesday of Holy Week

Today’s Reading: St. Luke 22:1-23:56

Daily Lectionary: Exodus 10:21-11:10; Hebrews 4:1-16

And the chief priests and scribes were seeking how to murder Him, for they feared the people.” (St. Luke 22:2)

In the Name of Jesus. Amen. Today is sometimes called “Spy Wednesday” because of all the behind-the-scenes work by the enemies of Christ taking place on this day to apprehend Him tomorrow night.

First, Satan enters Judas. Then Judas seeks out the religious leaders to give them what they want: Jesus. Everyone is happy with the plan, and they pay the betrayer the 30 pieces of silver. The trap is set.

While they continue to scheme, Jesus sits down to celebrate the Passover with His twelve disciples. He isn’t the least bit concerned about Himself. He knows what’s going to happen to Him. He cares only about delivering what’s going to happen to Him, to you and me.

Jesus took bread, broke it, and gave it to them saying, “This is My Body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” Then He took the cup saying, “This cup is the new testament in My Blood, which is shed for you,” (St. Luke 22:19-20).

Take eat His Body. Take drink His Blood. Could it really be that simple? Could salvation be given to you right into your mouth just by eating His Body in the bread and His Blood under the wine?

Yes, it is just that simple! Give up your doubts today, and trust your Lord’s Word. In the Sacrament of the Altar, Jesus takes all that He did on the Cross and makes it yours. You eat His Body which was beaten, bruised, mocked, and scourged for your sins. You drink His blood shed for you on the Cross. He gives you His Body and Blood, just as He promises. The bread is His Body. The cup of blessing is His Blood.

This is the new testament in His Blood. No more works and Law for you. Jesus’ holy life, and His terrible suffering death count for you. By faith, you receive all that He did for you with His suffering and death right in your mouth.

“Behold, the hand of My betrayer is with Me on the table,” (St. Luke 22: 21). Today, Judas schemes and spies, while Jesus feeds you life eternal. Receive what Jesus did for you tomorrow at His Supper and be forgiven. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Merciful and everlasting God, You did not spare Your only Son but delivered Him up for us all to bear our sins on the cross. Grant that our hearts may be so fixed with steadfast faith in Him that we fear not the power of sin, death, and the devil; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.” (Collect for Holy Wednesday)