Sola Gratia. Sola Fide. Sola Scriptura.

Sola Gratia. Sola Fide. Sola Scriptura.

A Higher Things® Youth Retreat

August 11-12, 2017

Jesus saves you by grace alone (sola gratis). His salvation is received by faith alone (sola fide) — neither earned, nor deserved, but given as gift. All that we believe, teach, and confess as Lutherans flows from the Scriptures alone (sola scriptura). The Reformation wasn’t a one time event that happened in the past and has no meaning to us today. The Gospel freed by the Lord through Dr. Luther in the Reformation has meaning for us each day of our lives. We will look at the solas of the Reformation and how they apply to us today.

Rev. George F. Borghardt serves as the Senior Pastor at Zion Ev. Lutheran Church in McHenry, IL. He is also the President of Higher Things.

When: August 11-12, 2017
Where: Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church, 7308 Wedgewood Dr., Black Hawk, South Dakota
Cost: $40 per person
Contact: Pastor Randy Sturzenbecher | (605) 391-0428 or
Or Patrick Sturdivant | Higher Things Retreat Coordinator | | (888) 482-6630

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